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Quality Thread.

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I guess I'm in trouble!!!!:rolleyes:

gotta go back to the crap thread instead.:eek: :p
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*Goes blind from all the quality*

There should be more of these 'quality threads'.
*sigh* MY sigh is of a much higher calibur then all of yours.:rolleyes:

Great sig Jordna, but maybe stick to dark colors?
And that was a very high quality tongue sticking out, Martin.
Oh no! Not a tiny blue and white cow! Whatever will I do?
(end sarcasm)

Is there anyway to ban a poster from a thread? Almie is draining all the quality.;)
*Covers genitals* Eep! I think you're right Martin!
That quality doggie looks liek it needs some quality rest!
Ack! Jordan you came back! Now all the quality posts have become qualityless.:(:rolleyes: :p
HEY! I was defending you jomar! And a quality defense it was as well.:p
I think jomar and Ryan would make a cute couple?

Not as near a good couple as you and your hand make!;)

Thank you Grandpa jorin:rolleyes:

I second that Chris!:D
It's up his ass! Cant you tell, thats why he's been walking so stiffly lately.;)
*puts on boxing gloves and takes a fighters stance*


*punches Jordan in the gut repeatedly*

*jordan dies*

*the peasants rejoice*
Foolish Martin, jorin cant immitate a pengiun if his life depended on it.

*peasants continue rejoicing*
Out-wit Jordan in a battle of wits! But then again, who CANT do that?;)

*peasants REFUSE to stop rejoicing*
*doesnt eat Macaroni because Jordan was whispering that there was poison it in out loud*

*funnels Macaroni down Jordan's throat*

*peasants take a break, then resume rejoicing*
*peasants sleep, but hold up signs that say REJOICE on it*
no one in Marti-Party are completely useless!

Except maybe Jordan :p
Lol, thank you Martin, although I STILL need to know how to make "invisible" posts on the darker background, I can't figure out the colour.
Marri, you mean the quote thing? I never figured it out.:p And lavender only works ofr the lighter background.(A pm would be greatly appreciated);)

Your sig is awesome, lol, Taiwanese.
Poor Martin, she's turned oyu into an airhead!:sad:
1 - 20 of 701 Posts
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