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Arrived just in time to see two last points of Kleinova - Essi Laine.
Sandra had left knee protected, only usefull comment of that.
Missed other 1st matches completely :(

Then saw Anna Foldenyi destroy Piia Suomalainen, quite expected and fair scoreline. Same time on court 1 Kuti Kis and Tatarkova (she is cute), close match even in 1st set most games went to deuce.
I think that Elena had won it if she had taken the second. Rita looked ok and from what I remeber of her had lost some weight. Quality players both. Can´t say same of Liggan and Abramovic, didn´t look long as it wasn´t at all entertaining.

After that best match of the day between Marta Marrero and surprisingly steady Gulnara Fattakhedtinova. Some very long rallies in this and Marta should advance to MD if she plays like that. Best player in this bunch.

Same time with that, Schneider and V.Bondarenko in low quality match, didn´t look that very much either. And Poutcher - Dittmann, only draw my attension occasionally when Mirelle threw her racket and screamed, obviously wasn´t happy with herself.

Then missed Kostenic - Sartz, peaked at it but was so oneway match that didn´t bother. Insted watched Jacobsgaard - A.Bondarenko for a while, Alyona was making too many errors and that cost her 1st set.
Looked bit worrying for her as in 2-2 she lost her 2nd racket (strings, not breaking them herself), don´t know how many she had left. One at least. Looking at final scoreline she had find her range later.

Then saw bits of Ejesson (she is cute) vs. Henke (leg tightly wrapped), not that stunning players but good fighting anyway.
Had to leave when Hlavackova took 4/1 lead over Björnström

Weather around 27C all day no signs of clouds. Crowd maybe about 80 :rolleyes: (6.000 tickets sold so there will be more in days to come)

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Thank you! I will be there on Monday and Tuesday.
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