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B. Pera (1) v E. Andreeva (WC)
V. Lapko v L. Bronzetti (10)

K. Rakhimova (2) v D. Shnaider (WC)
O. Selekhmeteva (WC) v A. Rodionova (12)

I. Bara (3) v N. Vikhlyantseva
Q. Zheng v A. Gasanova (7)

V. Tomova (4) v A. Tikhonova (WC)
K. Boulter v A. Krunic (8)

A. Friedsam (5) v V. Grammatikopoulou
R. Sramkova v L. Tsurenko (9)

V. Diatchenko (6) v E. Gorgodze
V. Kuzmova v A. Kalinskaya (11)

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anyone know what surface is used here and the CPI?

Edit: My research says surface is RuKort Hard. ITF lists as Medium speed hard court. I believe it's also the same court surface that's used in Nur Sultan.
That would make sense and it’s been / looked medium in Moscow for the past few years now - definitely not fast, but also not ultra slow like Shenzhen YEC.

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Gasanova beat Pavs in St Petersburg. There were 7 Russian in the 8 QF spots and no French finalist
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