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Any more withdrawals from maindraw then these players go into maindraw as follows

#1 Marta Marrero------ >>>>> into MAINDRAW (seles w.d)

#1 Melinda Czink
#2 Sandra Kleinova
#3 Lindsay Lee-Waters

QUAL LIST at present (seed wise) barring any more withdrawals

01-Jelena Kostanic
02-Melinda Czink
03-Marta Marrero MAINDRAW
03-Anabel Medina
04-Lindsay Lee-Waters
05-Alina Jidkova
06-Sandra Kleinova
07-Adriana Serra Zanetti
08-Kristina Brandi
09-Tzipora Obziler
10-Julia Schruff
11-Evie Dominikovic
12-Seda Noorlander
13-Milagros Sequera
14-Renata Voracova
15-Maureen Drake
16-Rossana Neffa De Los Rios
17-Eva Birnerova
18-Olga Barabanschikova
19-Tatiana Poutchek
20-Mara Santangelo
21-Anastassia Rodionova
22-Aniko Kapros
23-Evgenia Koulikovskaya
24-Mashona Washington
25-Tara Snyder
26-Sofia Arvidsson
27-Jie Zheng
28-Jelena Jankovic
29-Michaela Pastikova
30-Nathalie Vierin
31-Vanessa Webb
32-Gisela Dulko

next in
Vera Douchevina
Samantha Stosur
Marie-Eve Pelletier
Yulia Beygelzimer

Selima Sfar
Andreea Vanc

BOLD=still playing in Bronx

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not yet
not heard any reports about Monica but then i just been out and just got home

Iroda is questionable
Salima did say she was still hopeful although earlier reports said she was out 2 months.

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Monica has withdrawn :sad:

so Marta Marrero is in maindraw :):)

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nueva_armada said:
but why is Marta in MD??! :eek: there are lots of players above her

on July 28 when they did the update list
Marta was ranked highest of those who hadn't made maindraw

Jelena is only one in qualies here who's playing New Haven

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i like this grand slam having 128 players and not just 96. Gives more players the chance to compete in a grand slam, although im sure the first 8 players on the list here think differently, as they'd be in the mina draw if it was just teh 24 seeds and 12 qualifiers!!

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she doesn't have a chance of being seeded unless some other players withdraw
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