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I support the calendar 100%.
As regards the new scoring system, I think that you might be awarding too many points in the chart you suggested, in relation to the points we get for our predictions.
I'd say:
Winner(s) = 12
Runner Up(s) = 8
3rd-4th = 6
5th-8th = 4
8th-16th = 2
16+ = 1

Otherwise, it would be way more important to win the contest than to actually guess who the qualifiers will be.
I beleive that this extra points should be few, just a little extra to help us move faster in the rankings but the essence of the game should still be "predict the qualifiers".

The rule about playing only one tournament per week has a disadvantege. Most of us play all the tournaments held every week, but if we had to choose, the number of players would be half in each tournament and it would be easier to finish in a high position.
I don't really like this rule, but just because I like to play all the torunaments, so I'd say no to this one.

My overall suggestion:

* Calendar: Make a Q-ball calendar and whenever there is an early tournament start let us know about it when you publish the rankings on monday or when you publish the tournament results, which is something all of us check.

* Scoring: I think only the winners and runner ups should be given extra points, and not so many, just some extra ones to improve our ranking.

* We should still be allowed to play all tournaments.

Sorry for my english, I don't know if I was clear.

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I must say I like the fact you can play more than one tournament per week and I would like it if it stays like that because in weeks where there aren't too many big events (post-Wimbledon clay-court events), not too many people enter anyway and I think restricting players to one tournament could water them down a bit more.

Ultimately it's up to you but I love how it is at the moment :D
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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