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PYW ITF Istanbul

[FONT=Book Antiqua][B][U][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff0000]Ranking Points[/COLOR][/SIZE][/U][/B]
[SIZE=2][B][U]ITF (32, $50,000):[/U][/B]
[B]WR [/B]- 80
[B]RU - [/B]48
[B]SF[/B] - 29
[B]QF -[/B] 15
[B]R16[/B] - 8
[B]R32[/B] - 1
[B]Qualifier[/B] - 5*
[B]Q3 - [/B]3
[B]Q2 - [/B]1
[B]Q1 - [/B]0
* [I]If a qualifier loses in the first round, no first round points are awarded on top of the qualifying points.[/I][/SIZE][/FONT]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=4][U][B][COLOR=red]Previous Finals:[/COLOR][/B][/U][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][COLOR=navy][B]2014:[/B] [B]Cagla Buyukakcay TUR [1][/B] beat [B]Ksenia Pervak RUS [6][/B] | 7-5 6-3[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
How To Play

Playing PYW [Pick-Your-Winner] is simple, for each match proposed, just vote for the player you like best. Each vote will count as one game. You may only vote once during the first 24 hours.
If a round is stuck due to a lack of votes, two feature can be activated:
After 24h : "VOTE AGAIN" : anybody who has already voted a first time can vote again 24 hours after the first vote has been posted. Note that in any case, between your two votes there must be at least 1 other vote AND at least 1 hour.
After 48h: : "DOUBLE POINTS" Any vote after 48h counts for two points.
After 60h: : "SUDDEN DEATH" If a round is still not completed, we'll apply the sudden death rule. If a match isn't over, whoever leads will win the match, if it's a tie, the next vote will decide each match.

More Info

Complete rules, roll of honour and complete rankings here
PYW Title Holders here
Subscribe for PYW notifications here

Entry List

[SIZE=2]027.[B]Donna Vekic CRO [1][/B]
043.Andrea Hlavackova CZE
089.Anett Kontaveit EST
093.[B]Kristyna Pliskova CZE [4][/B]
117.Naomi Broady GBR
146.[I]Ipek Soylu TUR [WC][/I]
147.Sofia Shapatava GEO
155.[B]Olga Govortsova BLR [5][/B]
161.[B]An-Sophie Mestach BEL [2][/B]
162.[B]Aliaksandra Sasnovich BLR [7][/B]
180.Ysaline Bonaventure BEL
187.[B]Ekaterina Bychkova RUS [8][/B]
201.Renata Voracova CZE
205.Lyudmyla Kichenok UKR
210.Nadiia Kichenok UKR
220.Indy De Vroome NED
226.Julie Coin FRA
241.Marta Sirotkina RUS
248.Elitsa Kostova BUL
249.Anastasiya Vasylyeva UKR
253.[B]Shahar Peer ISR [3][/B]
259.[B]Margarita Gasparyan RUS [6][/B]
271.[I]Daniela Seguel CHI [Q][/I]
294.Pemra Ozgen TUR
308.Ana Vrljic CRO
320.[I]Nina Zander GER [Q][/I]
361.Tereza Mrdeza CRO
416.[I]Valeria Saviniykh RUS [Q][/I]
455.[I]Basak Eraydin TUR [WC][/I]
540.[I]Melis Sezer TUR [WC][/I]
541.[I]Ayla Aksu TUR [WC][/I]
unr.[I]Seven Oral TUR [Q][/I][/SIZE]
The Favorites

1st section : Donna Vekic CRO [1] (PYW-27)

2nd section : Kristyna Pliskova CZE [4] (PYW-93)

3rd section : Ipek Soylu TUR [WC] (PYW-146)

4th section : Anett Kontaveit EST (PYW-89)

Other PYW Tournaments this week

Stuttgart QF
Stuttgart Double Final
Marrakech QR1
Prague QR1
Fedcup R1
ITF Tournament

PYW ITF Istanbul 2015 | QF | Vote Now!

Donna Vekic CRO [1] vs Margarita Gasparyan RUS [6] |
Nina Zander GER [Q] vs Pemra Ozgen TUR|
Ipek Soylu TUR [WC] vs Indy De Vroome NED |
Naomi Broady GBR vs Elitsa Kostova BUL |

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Re: PYW ITF Istanbul | QF

PYW ITF Istanbul 2015 | 2nd Round | Complete!

Donna Vekic CRO [1] beat Ayla Aksu TUR [WC] | 6-4 6-4
Daniela Seguel CHI [Q] lost to Margarita Gasparyan RUS [6] | 3-6 5-7
Basak Eraydin TUR [WC] lost to Nina Zander GER [Q] | 6-4 0-6 4-6
Pemra Ozgen TUR beat Anastasiya Vasylyeva UKR | 6-1 6-0

Olga Govortsova BLR [5] lost to Ipek Soylu TUR [WC] | 2-6 4-6
Seven Oral TUR [Q] lost to Indy De Vroome NED | 4-6 0-6
Anett Kontaveit EST lost to Naomi Broady GBR | 7-5 2-6 4-6
Ysaline Bonaventure BEL lost to Elitsa Kostova BUL | 3-6 6-3 0-6

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Re: PYW ITF Istanbul | QF

Donna Vekic
Nina Zander
Ipek Soylu
Naomi Broady

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Re: PYW ITF Istanbul | QF

de Vroome
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