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I'm running PAW US Open


I can edit the first 3 posts okay, but when I try to edit posts 4, 5 & 6, the Picks Summary posts, I can't do it.

I click edit, it works, then I edit the thread, and when I click save I just get the little "circle of dots" loading thingy. It just stays there. I've edited it a couple times, but to do so I had to just sit there on that screen for a good 7 minutes, and just hit refresh before it said it saved, and that worked.

But now, that doesn't even work. I can't edit them at all. Is it because the posts are so big?? Or is everyone having issues with this?? I think it's the size because the other posts can be edited fine.

Is there something that can be done/that i can do about this??

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