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alfajeffster said:
(Associated Press)

Retired tennis star Steffi Graf, 7 months pregnant with Andre Agassi's second child, has just signed a multi-million dollar contract to play veteran U.S. Davis Cup hero and TV Tennis Commentator Tony Trabert in a Battle of the Sexes winner-take-all exhibition scheduled later this month in Andre's home town, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sources say Mr. and Mrs. Agassi decided to wait until Steffi was in her last trimester and dialating before making the impromptu comeback against the spritely 70 year-old Trabert at the MGM Grand, in hopes of delivering the world's first tennis prodigy right there on the tennis court in front of the single largest TV audience for a tennis match in the history of the sport.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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