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Well, IMO either Martina or Monica have the best chance at winning the Aus open, and then would be jennifer.

Martina IMO is the favourite for Pan Pacific and Indian Wells looking at the committments....and Scottsdale is a possibility too.

Monica and Venus are the joint favourites for Paris and Dubai, and MOnica also has a shot at Pan Pacific.

I can't remember many other committments right now....

Who are your picks to win certain tournaments (based on the committments), and hence be #1?????


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Here are committments of top players from after aus:

capriati - scottsdale
venus - paris, dubai
hingis - tokyo, scottsdale, indian wells
seles - tokyo, paris, dubai, indian wells
dokic - tokyo, scottsdale, indian wells
henin - paris, antwerp, indian wells
clijsters - antwerp, scottsdale, indian wells
mauresmo - paris, antwerp
serena - antwerp, scottsdale

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There's a lot of points at stake, especially because Lindsay isn't playing and Venus and Serena are playing limited schedules (and who knows if with their recent injuries they'll even play those tournaments) and Clijsters seems to be injured as well and skipping Antwerp at least.
If Monica won Tokyo, Paris, Dubai and Indian Wells, she would be right next to Venus and Jennifer at the top. She only has 300 points to defend from now until Stanford.
If Venus plays Paris and Dubai, I think she'll win them, though, especially because Monica might be getting a bit tired by that point.
Martina has a lot more points to defend. Off the top of my head -- 1000? So even if she won Tokyo, Scottsdale and Indian Wells, she wouldn't gain that much. But it would stand her in very good stead for the rest of the year.

Tina has played very well at Indian wells, better than Monica. I think indoors Monica might have a slight edge. But we'll see what happens on Thursday.

I expect Serena to win Scottsdale and Antwerp, but you never know with that girl.

There's certainly room for a surprise at some of these tourneys, though!
Jelena, Justine, Amelie all real threats.

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Points top players defending till Ericsson

<b>Jennifer Capriati:</b>
Oklahoma - 141
Scottsdale - 102
TOTAL = 243

<b>Venus Williams:</b>
Nice - 113
Indian Wells - 174
TOTAL = 287

<b>Martina Hingis:</b>
Pan Pacific - 225
Doha - 215
Dubai - 283
Indian Wells - 164
TOTAL = 887

<b>Lindsay Davenport:</b>
Pan Pacific - 426
Scottsdale - 295
Indian Wells - 111
TOTAL = 832

<b>Monica Seles:</b>
Oklahoma - 216
Scottsdale - 115
Indian Wells - 1
TOTAL = 332

<b>Jelena Dokic:</b>

<b>Justine Henin:</b>
Nice - 30
Scottsdale - 1
Indian Wells - 30
TOTAL = 61

<b>Kim Clijsters:</b>
Scottsdale - 58
Indian Wells - 321
TOTAL = 379

<b>Amelie Mauresmo:</b>
Paris - 343
Nice - 289
TOTAL = 632

<b>Serena Williams:</b>
Indian Wells - 416
TOTAL = 416

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Looking at those points, Jelena and Justine have the best chance to move up the ranks as each are defending practically (or literally!!) nothing!

Martina has a lot of points to defend, and with good performances at her 3 tournaments can defend them, but will be EXTREMELY hard to increase her points.

Lindsay will be losing a lot of points due to her recovery from surgery, and when she comes back on tour will probably be ranked about #5, possibly 6.

Jennifer will find it hard increasing her points if she only plays one tournament - she will have to win scottsdale to do that.

Monica has a great chance to increase her points. She should easily be able to defend her 332 points with being committed to 4 tournaments, especially if she can win atleast one of them!

Amelie may slip a little bit, unless she can reproduce her good form and win both tournaments she is committed to.

Serena will most likely just be able to defend her points, unless she is still injured...

There are 4 players i will be very keenly following in the next couple of months: Martina and Monica (they are in good form, and am curious to see if martina can defend points, and monica increase hers), and Jelena and Justine (they can increase their points soooo much!)

Any other thoughts or ideas????

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I see there is a few americans travelling to the middle east, dubai, doha, m tihnking would that be a good idea?? americans travelling to musilim countries, the security will be tight, but if i was one of htem i wouldnt take my risks and chances?

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I think that Amelie may also be playing in Dubai. :)

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Martina is probably the one who has the least chance to move up in the rankings. Doha and Dubai's points will be lost since she doesn't play there (that's 500 points!), and she has final (Tokyo) and a SF (IW) points to defend, so...........
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