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Right, I’m going to be brave and put my predictions for how I think this year’s Estoril tournament will pan out here. Lower tiers are always difficult to predict but I’ll give it a try:

1st Round
Pennetta def Savchuk
Diaz-Oliva def Gloria
Krajicek def Beltrame
Ruano Pascual def Safarova

Dulko def Foretz
Bondarenko def Dokic
Marrero def Muller
Zheng def Nagyova

Randriatefy def Silva
Sanchez Lorenzo def Osterloh
Serra Zanetti def Pratt
Cohen Aloro def Li

Cervanova def Parra Santonja
Craybas def Mihalche
Czink def Bondarenko
Safina def Schaul

2nd Round
Pennetta def Diaz-Oliva
Ruano Pascual def Krajicek
Dulko def Bondarenko
Marrero def Zheng

Sanchez Lorenzo def Randriatefy
Serra Zanetti def Cohen Aloro
Craybas def Cervanova
Safina def Czink

Quarter Final
Ruano Pascual def Pennetta
Marrero def Dulko
Sanchez Lorenzo def Serra Zanetti
Safina def Craybas

Semi Final
Ruano Pascual def Marrero
Sanchez Lorenzo def Safina

Sanchez Lorenzo def Ruano Pascual

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1st round

Pennetta def. Sauchuk
Diaz Oliva def. Gloria
Beltrame def. Krajicek
Ruano Pascual def. Safarova

Dulko def. Foretz
Bondarenko def. Dokic
Muller def. Marrero
Zheng def. Nagyova

Randriantefy def. Silva
Sanchez Lorenzo def. Osterloh
Pratt def. An Serra Zanetti
Li def. Cohen Aloro

Cervanova def. Parra Santonja
Craybas def. Mihalache
Czink def. K. Bondarenko
Safina def. Schaul

2nd Round

Diaz Oliva Def Pennetta
Ruano Pascual def. Beltrame
Dulko def. A Bondarenko
Zheng def. Muller

Randriantefy def. Sanchez Lorenzo
Li def. Pratt
Cervanova def. Craybas
Safina def. Czink


Diaz Oliva def. Ruano Pascual
Dulko def. Zheng
Li def. Randriantefy
Safina def. Cervanova


Dulko def. Diaz Oliva
Li def. Safina


Dulko def. Li


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as always - intresting and some very unpopular thoughts (regarding na li for instance) but i think you just might be right about some of those.
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