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Predict The Winner - Week of June 4

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Welcome to the Predict the Winner ITF!

After playing the game for $10.000 ITF tournaments, which was introduced by Xian a couple of years a go, we are now good enough to play the challengers as well.

First of all see the rules here:

The discussion thread for the $10.000 game is here:

Picks for $10.000 events have to be posted in the particular tournement threads, the picks for big ITF events have to be made in the specific PTW thread in the challengers section!! Please take note of this.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Have fun and good luck at playing the game:
75k Nottingham
25k Zlin
25k Karshi
25k El Paso
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Q: Oudin, Larcher de Brito and Giorgi

Q: Torro-Flor, Auroux and Jugic-Salkic


Q: N. Kichenok, Pirazhenka and Shroff

El Paso:

Q: Roland-Rosario, Tedjakusuma and Crawford

W: Paszek
RU: Watson


W: Milevskaya
RU: L. Kichenok

W: El Tabakh
RU: Pereira

El Paso:

W: Bovina
RU: Sanchez
1 - 4 of 60 Posts
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