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Props to Richard and Serena for post match
behavior and comments.

Interview ruins good will:
Unfortunately, the "20%" comment by Serena
just gives the Williams haters ammo.
If you're really at 20% you would not
be playing a match. This is the
type of comment that turns people
off and I don't know why Serena
would make such a foolish comment
after being so gracious on court.

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pisces said:
if SERENA feel, that way. Why on earth should she lie.
Well, the lie is also to herself and that has some serious
implications. Saying you were only 20% is
clearly a way of detracting from your
opponent's victory. I don't think any
player would appreciate their defeated
opponent claiming that they were only
playing at 20%.

These type of
negative comments detract from
Serena's greatness on court.
People do not like arrogance--even
with great players. Showing respect for others
is always a good idea 100% of the time.
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