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Poor Patty Schnyder.

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She just seems to go from trouble to trouble. First all that drama with Rainer Harnecker who had her living off orange juice and then she hooks up with the detective who investigated Harnecker. He, Rainier Hofmann doesn't sound any better. He's in court at the moment about some dodgey dealings that involved German Telekom and then her father speaks about not liking Patty's relationship and how he can't accept her living with and not being happy about their engagement and now she says she's had enough and wants to move with Hofmann to Mallorca to escape Switzerland and her family. Hofmann's mother said to Swiss newspaper that Patty was terribly upset, cries the whole day and her nerves are shot.

What a poor poor girl.

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Its such a shame she deserves to be at least top 20 lets hope she can build up some confidence for the clay court season and kick ass there!
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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