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Termination of user accounts

If a poster wants their account to be permanently inactivated / deleted / terminated etc, it is an option but the following steps should be followed.

Correct course of action is to contact an administrator via private message and with an explanation of why you want this to happen to your account.

A list of administrators and super administrators can be found here:

If you provide a valid reason, you will be asked to confirm that this is really what you want.

If you confirm this via private message with a good reason, then your account will be temporarily banned. You will be allowed no more than 2 temporary bans. The 3rd request for a temporary ban will be a permanent termination. of your user account.

1st Temp Ban requested can be for a period of no less than 3 months but no greater than 6
2nd Temp Ban requested can be for a period of no less than 6 months but no greater than 12
3rd Request - Permanent

Your posts will not be deleted or made to disappear - if you wish this to happen, you will have to delete them yourself prior to requesting an account termination.

Any personal information on display in your profile will remain - it is your responsibility to alter your profile before your account is banned so that you are unidentifiable.

We reserve the right to change your username or delete / edit your posts after your account is terminated should a reason to do so arise for example: another poster requests that username.

Once your account is terminated, you will not be permitted to open another one even at a later date if your wishes or circumstances change. If you attempt tp do so at any stage, any new account will be terminated immediately without explanation.

If you terminate your account and another user asks after your whereabouts, they will be told your account was terminated at your request.

We will not provide contact details or personal information for them to contact you so you will have to make sure that anyone you want to keep in touch with has your details already.

Therefore, you are advised to think very carefully before making such a request.

We will not re-open your old account at a later date because you changed your mind - if you simply want to take a break from this site then do so by exercising some willpower and not logging on.

Alternatively, change your password to something unrecognisable as you can always request a new password by emailing the webmaster ([email protected] ) should you change your mind and wish to return. It is worth noting though that, in that situation, you will need to have access to the email account you registered with as it is the chosen method of verifying your identity.

This guideline supercedes any previous guidance that may have been offered.

To summarise, a unique temporary account termination is required as an intital step (on no more than 2 occasions), with the final account termination being irreversible.

If you request it, you will have to accept the consequences of your actions should you change your mind at a later date.
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