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I know it's not necessary to remind you that Anna is still seeking her first WTA-level tournament victory after 7 years in the tour and 100+ events played.

Yet she's, sadly, the best payed female athlete in the world. She's on the covers of many kinds of magazines and web sites: porn (the most successful one I guess), tennis, teenagers, vogueish...

That's why I'm glad she's yet to make her first title and why I do hope she'll never achieve it. A lot of players are ahead of her yet they're completely ignored by people, even by many real tennis fans. I'm tired of reading those crowded cheering threads with everyone wanting Anna to finally win a title. Many players that deserve greater attention are always forgotten.

It's not Anna's fault that the media love her. Really? She started all the hype when she was still a little girl. She's always acted like a star. She's created herself and continues to grow her image day by day. If she wanted to avoid all the fuss around her she'd maybe not pay attention to the magazines, photographers, catwalks, promotions and so on. She's way too rich and doesn't need any extra money. But yet she wants more and more. She's money-sick. That happens many times to rich and powerful people.

She can do what she wants. Of course. I agree completely. There's just a couple of things that I can't understand: she gets too much attention in tennis and she has too many fans, much more than a player at her level would have.

I read many posts about her being a great athlete and a hard-training girl. This can't be that true. Eric van Harpen, known by making players work a lot, dumped her because she wasn't as focused as she should be (i.e. cell phone calls on court and so on). Conchita Martínez and Patty Schnyder are great examples of lazy players that reached their peak thanks to Eric van Harpen then they were dumped because of their recurring laziness. The same could be told about Anna.

She of course has achieved great things in doubles, but we all know that doubles aren't "real tennis". Sorry if I hurt some doubles fan, but this is the unfair truth.

And what about those silly suggestions about a sports psychologist? You make me laugh! An elite player of course must have any psychologist in her entourage. She just doesn't focus on tennis. She's touched the fame light and is still blinded by it.

I'd like Anna more if she just didn't hype her so much and make the world go around her, and if her fans weren't so unreal.

Please give credit to players that deserve it. Don't put Anna higher than she deserves.

And no, I'm not jealous of her big fortune or her looks. Don't make those childish comments please. :rolleyes:
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