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Please vote for Lindsay in Sanex Heroes!

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Come on, Lindsay fans! Right now Lindsay has so few votes in the "Sanex Heroes" voting that she won't even make it to the next round. That means she's not even in the top 25 right now. :eek:

It only takes a few votes to jump a player up on this poll. And it would be a real shame for such a great person as Lindsay to not even make the cut of 25. I would hate for the WTA to think Lindsay has no fans! We know she does! :angel:

So please, go vote for Lindsay in the Sanex Heroes voting. You can use the prominent "Sanex Heroes" label here at wtaworld as a direct link to the contest, or go the the WTA Tour site.

Thanks! Go Lindsay! :)
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Good work, guys! Thanks to you, in one day Lindsay jumped up to like #12 from below 30. That's more like it! :hearts:

Lindsayfan, thanks for providing the link to make voting even easier. :)
Done it :) How did Justine get so far up with all those votes??? Monica always used to lead by a mile :confused: I didn't realise that she was so popular?!
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rachel,justine isnt popular at all!it's just that half forum is belgian so it's normal that she gets lots of votes.i'm sure apart from belgium no one really knows and cares about her :p
I am in the US, and I know and care about Justine. In fact, she's my favorite player, so I guess you've wrong about that, Lindsayfan. ;)
you must admit that you are a an exception,Janie! ;)
Maybe, but I know plenty of other American fans of Justine, too. :)

Of course, Lindsay and Monica are way up there on my list, too, that is why I came here to plead for votes for our Lindsay. :hearts:
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