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Players political stances

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I found out Pam Shriver is a *cough* Republican. And that Chris Evert is friends w/Kathrine Harris *barf*. So, does anyone else know where the players stand politically? I assume Martina N. is more Liberal then Conservative.
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I never saw even a statement against apartheid by Amanda Coetzer, which has always disappointed me. OTOH, when Nelson Mandela thanks tennis starts for refusing to play in SOuth Africa despite being offered "huge sums of money", one of the players in attendance whom he thanked was none other than Amanda Coezer. And as a South African and white, she no doubt took more sh*t for this than other players on the tour.

We'd all like our favorites to be Muhammed Ali going to jail for his beliefs. Or Tommie Smith and John Carlos at the Mexico City Olympics. Or Arthur Ashe, dingin with presidents and kings and making his piints inporivate with a quiet word in their ear. Well, most of us would like that. Sometimes its not so easy.

But if Nelson Mandela says Amnda's cool on this, then she's cool with me.
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