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Look at this..

2001.. Clijsters reaches Slam final. And so does Henin.
2002.. Both Belgians have not the greatest of years..
2003.. They both rise again..


Americans were on top of the game for 2001-2002, but as soon Williams sisters weakened their grip on the Tour, we suddenly see not only them having problems, but Capriati, Davenport and Seles slipping as well. And Rubin is about to be kicked out of Top 10 too..

And finally,

Russians haven't won a title for 1000+ long days, between July 1999 and may 2002, losing tons of finals in between.
Then Bovina wins Warsaw, and the floodgates open. For the rest of the year Russians play a total of 11 finals, winning 6 of them.
And now 2003. Russians are 10:2 in finals this years, with one loss coming from All-Russian final and the other loss of Lina to Henin. And opponents included Henin, Davenport, Rubin ( twice ). So, just recently mentally fragile Russian players now play their finals like the trophey is already standing in their room. Dementieva who came to this year with 0:6 record in finals is 3:0 this year, Myskina is 4:0 this year.
This seems like an amazing turnaround. And it's all seems to be mental..
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