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PART1-- Part 2 coming soon

im back form the most awesome trip to new haven for the pilot pen, quick run down, i just got back tonight and i met players, tok pics and saw great matches. here my report!

Ok so its 5 oclock on tuesday the 19th and my father and me and my cousin pull up at the omni new havenand rghit when we pull up guess who exites from the car behind usbut elena dementieva, i was too nervous and struck to say anything but smile and she smiled back so it was cool iguess. anways so i figured out that this was the hotel al the players stayed at so once i got to the room i went rgiht down stairs in the lobby to see who came in. i saw emilie loit walk in all disheveled lookign, she droppeed her raqcuets and yelled somthing in french, then dechy, very calm. far too nervous for autographs or pics, but i get there dont worry. then i saw danis mom and nigel but no dani, mad. so then i saw myriam casanova and i knew the night session was growing sloe so i decided to go back to the room and meet my dad and sebastian (cousin) but itimed it to share an elavator with myriam and i did, she was realyl sweet and not as big in person though could shed some weight. she asked what floor and then i said so amelie tomorrow, you excited? she said yea very, seemed surprised i knew who she was, then i said talk to martina at all and she said o yues, shes having a great time then got off on level 10 and we said bye, i went to my room and then night session time.

Night Session Report
I got to the courts early so i walked to the practice courts, saw tina pisnik hittnig backhands, missed a lot.

Davenport def Dokic 6/2 6/1
Just an all out slug fest without ralles but blazing winners, very cool, Davenport did everything better, and her serve was remarkable. just so overpowering and long and slender and it was just awesome. Dokic is beautiful and hits hard but couldnt get a backhand in for her life so davenport rolled easy 2 and 1 after going down a break in the 2nd dokic tanked. Lindsay played well though. took some shots of serves then ran out of film

Wanted to get a break between matches so we went for a wlak and saw Nadia Petrova goofing around at the sun glasses srtand trying them on and shaking her head and stuff, she was nice, i asked for her autograph she said yea and signed, small hands haha. back to the stadium

Pistolesi def Zvonareva
Totally one sided up to 6-0 5-1, i mean zovonareva domintaed with huge winners and spectaular droppers even pistolse couldnt run down, i mean it was a clinic and then somthing just happned. she flipped, like she couldnt focus, the raqwucets were flying and everything was bad, she yelled at the crowd, and we alll yelled and whistled back and pised her off as much as possible, i mean the match was a joke, people were betti gon if anna would win a game and she came back to wnin. in the 3rd vera cramped up alot and cried and threw her raqcuet and justy had a mentla breakdown, sad. matches over now my unreal night at the hotel!

So we arrive at the hotle after tennis, i see Maggie Maleeva (my 2nd fav player in the world get dropped off behind me) so i immediatly got my pic with her, then my dad and seb, went for food but i wanted to go to the room so i shared and elavator with mags and talkesd and saidshe had to get revenge on magui (she didnt!!!) and thaty id be there tomorrow adn she asked my name and stuff so sweet, then a french group borded the elavator, Amelie Mauresmo (fav player) and Nathalie Dechy woth 2 guys , so it was me Amelie, Maggie and Nathalie all in the aame elavaqtor speaking in French together, incredible, i got my pic with amelie taken by nat and then mine with nat taken by Amelie, incredible, such sweet girls. I love them all so much, so the French girls got off on floor 10 and then to my surprise Maggie waso n floor 17 with me 3 rooms down so cool, she said by and that it was nice talking, i cant wait to show you all my pics.
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wow you lucky ass!!!! :eek:

heres tip #1 if you wanna see her fave players:


any reports on Daniela? please and thanks!!!!!! :bounce:
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