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Check out the former and current top 20 players who play every year and how they did in qualifying. For just $5 you can watch players like these

1998-Capriati (2nd round) Pistolesi (2nd round) Stevenson (1st round)
1999-Shaughnessy (1st) Panova (qualified, 1st round MD) Stevenson (2nd) Pistolesi (1st)
2000-Pistolesi (1st) Myskina (1st)
2001-Majoli (1st) Bedanova (qualified, 1st round MD) Myskina (qualified, 2nd round MD) Stevenson (1st) Hantuchova (3rd)
2002-Fernandez (1st), Likhovtseva (1st)
2003-Fernandez (2nd) Farina Elia (3rd)
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