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Pierce still has one of the best serves on tour.

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With 13 aces yesterday against Dokic, I have to say that Mary has one of the best serves on tour. It gets her out of trouble a lot of times (like yesterday), it has good heat (111 MPH) on it, and when its on, its ON. She has one of the best second serves, a great kicker with a lot of spin and margin for error. That explains why she has hardly and double faults in her matches and why her second serve isnt really that attackable, kinda like Davenport's.

Any thoughts?
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yes i totally agree, her serve kind of saved her ass in that 2nd round vs Dokic, and she gets some awesome kick and she was hitting it 110 out wide, i mean thats big time heat
Mary has a great serve.

I like the way she always has taken that extra moment before each serve to compose herself and concentrate on the point. That extra bit of focus seems to make a big difference when you compare her with some of the other players who seem to rush things. Also seemed to give her a high first serve percentage yesterday.
O yes, I forgot to mention that she also has the best service motion on tour :hearts:
She alongwith Nadia definitely make a formidable doubles team !
Yes, Mary is really powerful. She has that big serve, and the amazing groundstrokes. Jelena said she didn't even see some of Mary's shots.

The point Kart made about her focussing before each serve is important. She takes her time, targets well, and can then serve very effective bombs for three sets.

Hope she keeps it up
Mary actuially has one of the top 5 forehands and backhands on tour aswel but people forget how awsome her game is due to her injury absenses.

She is still one of the top 8 best players in the world - before everyone starts, i obviously do not mean she is one of the top 8 ranked players in the world, i mean she is one of the BEST 8 - they dont always correspond. In 9 days Justine Henin will be ranked #2 in the world and quite rightly so - however that does not mean she is the second best player in the world, does it>?
i was at the matches, her serve aas great yesterday vs dokic, she had so many grea aces and her motion is great!!
You should ammend the title to : Pierce still has the best shots on tour.

She is a such an amazing ballstriker. Her groundies are relentless and, yes her serve is a great weapon!

Good luck Mary!!
Seles said:
You should ammend the title to : Pierce still has the best shots on tour.

She is a such an amazing ballstriker. Her groundies are relentless and, yes her serve is a great weapon!

Good luck Mary!!
Well, everyone already knows that Mary has among the best groundies on tour :p but no one ever talks about her serve. Tracy Austin actually talked about how good Mary's serve was yesterday, shes like the first commentator I heard in a long time whos said that. Kudos to Tracy :cool:
A couple of years ago I watched Mary take Monica Seles (no mean hitter herself) apart at the Canadian, with those big groundstrokes. That was really impressive.

And her French Open win was great.
Mary never beat Monica in Canada... it was Hilton Head. ;)

1992 Nokia Grand Prix SF 6.0 6.1 Monica Seles
1992 Open Seat of Spain QF 7.6(6) 6-4 Monica Seles
1993 Open de France QF 6.2 6.2 Monica Seles
1997 Italian Open R3 7.6(6) 7.6(6) Mary Pierce
1997 Roland Garros R4 6.4 7.5 Monica Seles
1997 US Open R4 1.6 6.2 6.2 Monica Seles
1998 Ladies Kremlin Cup Final 7.6(2) 6.3 Mary Pierce
2000 Family Circle Cup SF 6.1 6.1 Mary Pierce
2000 Roland Garros QF 4.6 6.3 6.4 Mary Pierce
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Yeah, that serve and those groundstrokes are great...too bad her movement isn´t always on par. But there´s no denying that when she´s on she can put some serious whipping on one! Graf, Serena, Venus...they can all talk about it.
Yes, yesterday I was amazed at Mary's serve. I guess I had forgotten about it to a certain extent.

but, 13 aces!!!
How many other women on tour have achieved a stat like that, EVER???
but i think she has changed a bit motion of serve.
anyone notice?

she used to put the ball and the rac together right about on her chest.
(which was very elegant) before throwing the ball.

but now she doesn't do that. now she does a little swing before
she serve.still fine to me :rolleyes: and it seems work as well :D
the match vs. dokic was the first time i saw mary in a loooong time. and i had completely forgotten how much power she can generate, her serve included , and what awesome strokes she still has. now imagine what she could do if she got fit again.
aimee20 said:
but i think she has changed a bit motion of serve.
anyone notice?
yeah! i've seen a pic of her about a month ago, just show the difference.

and i think it's the second time she change it.
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Yeah, I noticed the slight change in her service motion, too. Well, not the service motion exactly, but the way she holds the ball and racket up after bouncing the ball. Not as fluid as it was before, but the serve still works well as she didn't change the service motion of the serve itself, as she showed yesterday. Go Mary! :D
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