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Pictures of players with strange muscle

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I found these one :

I hope you have other pictures
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I can't see any of those pictures :sad:

I wanna see the strange muscle :sad: :sad:
Right Clik on the "X" and click properties and copy the URL and then go to that page. U cant see it as there is other stuff on that page.
Here's one


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here another one


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Instead of putting the Page URL ... click on the pic and click properties and copy the actual picture URL ... it will only view it if the page only has the pic and a white background ... as the pics i posted had.
OMG What horrible pics!!! :rolleyes:

It´s seems like Hulk girlfriends!!;)
I'm not liking these pictures; they're scary
:eek: @those pics
Are they real?
These pictures show the point of impact of a possible 90 mph ball being struck back at the same velocity. I think it is rather a cool visual cause none of the players actually have musculature like that. They are just completely flexing their muscles at that point of impact, not only stroking through the ball but blocking back the impact and power of it coming at them. Too bad you cannot see it on video only still images. Also I have even seen pics of Hingis hiting a backhand and she looks as big as JenCap!
I LIKE the one of Jen's muscles! I also notice that the media seems to love her muscles too-- they always have these shots of her completely flexed, about to rip through the ball. :hearts:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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