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Pics: Dokic, Schett and Harkleroad Arrived

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They arrived in the same flight with Singapore Airlines SQ816 transit in Singapore. There were 4 other players on board.
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Great pictures !!!

You make great pictures Roby !! :worship:
I hope you make some pictures of Jelena in action too.
thanks for the pictures :wavey:

gettin´lucky in Kentucky?
she should go to Kentucky then
Excellent photos from Getty ;) . Robby, do you know if the qualifying draw / main draw are / will be available somewhere?
Thanks for the pic of LI Ting. Would there be some other photo of the other Chinese players :confused: ?
Could Dokic and Harkleroad look more unhappy?
I wonder if the players have any say in what tournaments they play.
Some of these pictures are scary. Dokic has to unpack all that stuff.
I am surprised dokic doesn't carry suitcases around the world, but only those 2 huge bags.

wondering if these players have to deal with overweight with their lugages everytime they travel. Specially player who play like 30 some tournaments per year, where they rarely go home.
god dammit! they were in singapore!!?? if i knew i would camp overnight just to see dokic!
Thanks for all the pictures, especially Jelena's. :D :)
greaaaaaaaaat pictures of Ashley, thnx soooo much :D:D:D:D the first pic she looks a bit stressy, but i think the other ones are beautiful, especially the last 2!
Thanks :worship:
thanks for all the pics :)
Does this tournament get a lot of media coverage in Shanghai?
Dokic is a former top 5 player. And one of the most beautiful athletes in sport, and she looks like she's about to serve a 20 year prison sentence.
And Dokic knows there's a photographer in front of her. She's a tour vet.

Do the tournament officials promote these kinds of photos?
I love Ash's "Gettin' Lucky In Kentucky" shirt. ;)
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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