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Pepermint Patty vs Bovina Bovina

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who will win?

i think patty 6-0, 0-6, 7-6(10) or 7-6(10), 7-6(14)

i think the winner for this match immediately becomes the favourite for the tournament.

go patty.
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switz said:
i don't why you mean you can't watch it, but in case you didn't know the match can be seen at it's the fourth match on centre court
he probably has school when the match is played

I'll be watching, switz.

I guess you're the biggest Patty fan, and I'm the biggest Bovina fan... so, good luck. :)

Geez... with Patty and Lena, you never know what you'll get from either player, so it should be fun.
Experimentee said:
So now Elena is the tournament favourite? Sweet! :bounce:
I wish. :)
1 - 3 of 42 Posts
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