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I'm sick of all those stupid remarks on Justine and Serena!!!

"Serena is a bitch"
"Justine cheated in her semi-final"
"Justine doesn't deserve the 3th place in the rankings"
"The Williams' are sore losers"
"Kim doesn't deserve the 2nd place in the rankings"

I'm just sick of them all!!!

As a Belgian I'm quite pleased with the results of Kim and Justine...
But I can imagine the fans of Serena and Venus loved to see those too again in a Grand Slam final...

Fact is : IT ISN'T!!!

So, just accept it... Serena and Venus will win other Grand Slam titles... They are just too good not to...

But, please just sign this "peace-thread" and show some respect for the other players... Even if they have just beaten one of your favorites...
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