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PAW is beautiful because, sometimes, we have news.
So, I decided to create "Asian Championships".

These are the rules:

- tournament of Bali, Shanghai, Tokyo and Pattaya will become part of "Asian Championships".
- at the end of each of these four tournaments, the points collect of each players will enter in a special league table.
- at the end of Pattaya, the players that have collect the highest number of points will win the Asian Championships.
- for the first will have 100 points and so on to the last in league table.

a player collect 20 points at Bali, 30 at Shaghai, 40 at Tokyo and 50 at Pattaya. Further to scoring classical points for each tournaments will enter in the Asian Championships League Table with 140 points to compete against other player for the various position in a only league table.

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marcobarella, i appreciate your idea but I don't think it is fair for all PAW players.

Players that will play in Tokyo, Shanghai, Bali and Pattaya will therefore have the opportunity to gain normal PAW points from their tournaments and also EXTRA POINTS as apart of the Asian Championships. So in another words, they get bonus points just for their performances and this isn't fair because they have already earnt the points in the Asian tournaments that they deserve.

This will also not work, because it will make the Paw players reluctant to travel to Europe to play tournaments like Filderstat, Kremlin Cup, Leipzig, Luxembourg and Linz because playing the lower tiered Asian tournaments will give PAW players a greater chance to earn more ranking points without having to perform fanastically.

I think you can keep your idea, just alter it a bit so it is fair for all players,

SpikeyAidanm :)
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