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As one other person said, CBS, which has the more important broadcast TV rights (not the cable rights), gets first choice in which matches it wants. Since CBS brodcasts the day sessions on the first Saturday and Sunday, and the second Monday, that means all the marquee matches those days will end up in the day sessions, with somewhat lesser matches ending up at night. This is why Agassi was a day match on Saturday, with the "lesser" match of Martin/Ginepri getting shunted to USA Network. The only American woman in singles on Saturday was J-Crap, and none of the other women's singles matches was deemed worthy of being played in the night session (not even Juju, for some reason), so the organizers put Navratilova and Sharapova on Ashe Stadium as the second night match.

It's also the reason why Agassi and Rodprick got put on broadcast TV, while Federer and Black got shunted to cable. CBS, like ESPN, don't care about the quality of matches; they only care about putting a few names out there. (And then the commentators wonder why nobody in America cares about a player like Hénin-Hardenne.)
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