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This interview was really hard to find (it only seems to be linked to on the match report page and nowhere else on the site) so I thought I'd post it here. She's so honest as usual, I love it! :worship: :D

P. Suarez - Interview
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. In all those years when you were going out in the first round here at Wimbledon, did you come to a point where you said, "I have to learn to play on grass, I want to be successful here"?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Yeah. In the beginning I just came to play one match, and that's it, you know. The last two years I practice at home, you know. We try to do different things to try to ‑‑ my play like work on grass, try to work. I was working hard, and now I feel more confident.

Q. Why is it important for you to learn to play on grass?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Because we have a Grand Slam, you know, it's a really important tournament for us, for the players. I really wanted to play well here. That's what I was to learn and do more things.

Q. How much has your success in doubles helped you to come this far at Wimbledon?

PAOLA SUAREZ: A lot. A lot. A lot. For me I think the doubles was so important, you know, because now I'm used to play, you know, in the big stadiums, the finals and win a Grand Slam, you know, and give me confidence. And in my singles, now it's working. I mean, play each match like I can do it, you know.

Q. Long day of tennis for you.


Q. Mixed emotions, up in one, down in the other?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Yeah, no, I'm happy for my singles, as well, quarterfinal in Wimbledon you know. I think Amelie played really well today. I mean, I tried to do my best. But, I mean, I'm happy, you know. And we still in doubles, and that's make me happy, too.

Q. In the match against Mauresmo, having lost the first set without winning a game, what was going through your mind at the beginning of the second set?

PAOLA SUAREZ: Yeah, no, I mean, Amelie start to play well. She hit ‑‑ I mean, was good tactic that she did with me. And in the second set, I was just playing, you know, not thinking about the 6‑Love or whatever. I just play. I say, "Okay, I try to change some things, you know, to play better, to be a little bit aggressive, more aggressive." And worked to me.

And then in the third set, I mean, was 2‑1, 40‑15 for me with my serve, and I lost that game. And I think Amelie start to play better. And she serve really well today.

Q. In the back of your mind, do you think that Amelie might let her nerves get to her at any point when you're playing her? Did you think that happened at all in the second set and the door might open for you?

PAOLA SUAREZ: I think every player have nerves, you know. We are playing. It's quarterfinal of Grand Slam and everybody wants to win. I think she can feel some nerves because, you know, she play against me. I'm clay specialist, no grass. I mean, she was the favorite, you know. And I think she feel it a little bit, yeah.

Q. You've had great success in Paris and London, now at Wimbledon. What do you need to do to go even further from here on, US Open next year, these same tournaments? How can you get better?

PAOLA SUAREZ: I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I don't know. Maybe this is the better that I can do, you know. But I keep trying, you know. I mean, that it's me, trying every tournament and try to do my best. And I'm so happy that I was Top 10. And maybe this is my top, I don't know, you know. But, I mean, I always fighting and practicing and try to do my best. I will continue to practice really hard to be more upper, you know.

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good words Paola
you are a great player and person

get the double title in Wimbledon now
and soon top ten again
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