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Paola Suarez in Zurich

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Come on girl
focus again like the summer
first step: Daniela - a very pretty girl but weak at this moment -no so weak at indoors but weak in the year-
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Good luck Paola!!! :dance: :dance:
Good luck Paola :worship: :worship:
Katie said:
Had my picture taken with her yesterday, she is such a friendly person to talk to!adorbale!!!!:)GO PAOLA!!!!

yes, she is so adorable and sweet. I met her in Miami this year and can't forget how charming she is.

Hope she plays her best against Bovina

Good luck Paola :worship:
:bounce: :bounce:
She lost against Bovina, but it was a good wek for her and she is still alive in doubles :)
1 - 5 of 27 Posts
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