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This isn't so much a report- just thought I would let you know who I saw hanging out with each other at the Open.
Sorry its late but I have been away from computer for a month until this week.
I went to the final day of qualies and then 1st 0 days, and had a ball.
Saw Pelliteir and Salerni on Sat- 3 hour qualy match is really hot condidtions- very similar games and felt sorry for Marie-Eve, who hit the ball a little flatter, for loosing- it was a great battle. Salerni's sister and coach Tarabini watched on
Nola and Cargill was great, bith scrambled their way through points, glad Nola got a ll place as she was unlucky to loose.
Anotonella Serra Zanetti was watched bu her sister in qualy macth
Probably the most emotional match was Moutasinne defeating Morigami.
The year before I had seeen Baha delf destruct against a detirmined MJ Martinez. Bahai lead that match by a set and 5-0 and had heaps of match points, lost the second and then got to a 5-0 lead in 3rd- and lost.
IN this match she won the first easily and again lead 5-1, match points 40-0 and lost them. She then looked at her coach and you could tell she was thinking of the prev year, i felt so sorry for her. She had match points but couldnn't close it out in next 3 games. Her coach starting yelling at her and then other supporters giving her too much encouragement, the umpiring gave an 'unoffical" warning to stop doing it. Younes El Aynoiu watched on, biting his nails. Daniilidou also watched on with Caroline Scnieder. It was so sad, I actually felt sick. She finally won and all the supporting group cried, it was just lovely.
Watched Danilido and Kuti Kis, both girls so gutsy. Bahai's caoch and schneider supported Eleni, Zsofia G urged Rita on.
The Hungarian girls, Rita Kuti Kis, Petra Mandula, Zsofia G, A kapros always attended each others matches, along with Wartusch. A Savolt also wated when he could and stayed for most of the Kapros Schiavone match.
Watched Salerni- Tulgaova late tuesday night, salerni's sister, Tarabini and Dulko watched on of Maria E. Iroda's parents and agent watched all her matches, I didn't see any players at her matches. Oh actually aranxta watched her 2nd rnd match- she was kissing and cuddling a guy, is she back with her husband?
Watched Shaughnessy and Stevenson, Alexandra supported by mum and Lilia Osterlich. Great match, Alexandra v entertaining, although a friend Iwas with thought it was oK as she thought shge was 16-17, when I said she was older she was shocked and couldn't beleive she was so immature.
Jana Neledly, a real fav of mine, obvoulsy came to Oz Open with 2 losses. She played like it to against wc Stewart. Jana is normally pretty paive, but she just looked like she didn't give a damm.. I was surprzed when she lost that she did seem upset, and seemed pretty pissed at her coach (fiance-husband now)
Watched a little of marion baroli against pisnik. Fotr a little girl marion hits the ball mighty hard and was v unlucky to loose the match. she had the shortest skirt of all time. Marion and her coach, old guy, watched a lot of matches. She just cruised around the outside courts untilt he junior comp started. Mainly supporting the french girls.
Watched Majoli beat snachez. Great to see iva keep her nerve. she attacked and got her self in tourble, built leads and lost them and just stayed calm the whole time. Always looks at coach-boyf for support.
Eva Bes and Mariana Diaz Olivia supported Arantxa.
Myskina has a stylish game and really fought hard to beat Prakusya, who was wathed by Janet Lee and a heap of INdonesions.
Paola Surez looked like she didn't want to be there aganst Muller. no timing and looked really cross. She was watched by Tarabini fo4r a little while and Rauno Pascal. rittner and Lamade supported Muller. Barna was playing on the court next to her but the german grils were moe interested in Martina.
Marta Marrero was far too strong for Gersi, Marta has such an attractive game. Watche on by MJ Martinez
on MONDAY, Evie D looked listless against Asa, who ws pumped. Eve's whole famiy looked on.Saw 2 players who had poorly at the end of 2001 and start of 2002, and confidence showed. I am talking of Torrens Va nd DiazO. Marian's haio is so long- down to her bum. CLose match though, similar styles. Tarabini watched a little of this match. From what I understand of the Argentines, firslt, get along with Spainish players.
Tarabin, Salerni (and her sister) and paola seem pretty close. Dulko also hangs out with them. Diaz Oliva is sometimes with them and C Fernandez doesn';t hang much at all. The only time anyone frmo her home nations supported her was when Tarabini watched her 1st rnd doubles.
Salerni's sister likes a smoke as well!!
I had read the week before I went on holiday on this board that Nagyova's mother 'barked' at her. Wll she sure did. Quite unpleasant as I watched her loose to the delightful andwell mannered Amy Frazier. Love Amy but she is hard to watch. Hits great shots of hard ones but misses easy ones, whcih she did more of against Serra-Zan. Amy and C fernandz were lovely to weach other in their doubles matches. Both real sweeties.
Anne Kremer was to cool and collected for Chaldcova and Rittner was too strong for Eva Bes, late in the day. Medina , spured on by MJ Martinez, had a great batle with Baha Moutassine. Bioth fiesty players, great value match.
Sandrine Testud looked a little listless against Dechy. Dechy was more focused, and was a little pretentious and precious though out the match.
HKveta Hrlikova wa gutsy to come back and beat Asagoe.
I would urge people to watch Marissa Irvin's matches. I really like 'mirv' and she has a nice ganme, but the best bit irs watching her mum. Fugure and hair of dolyy parton and she has had major plastic sugery. The nise she makes makes Sam stevenson look like a mouse. I have watched her the last 3 years and this year she decided ot take out frustrations out on coach. At the end of the match, poor marissa came off (she had a shocker day, really flat and couldn';t make a ralley) but there was no consoling. No one even said bad luck are you ok, the mother and cioach just started yelling at each other for 10 mins. It was really sad.
Tax was watched byy Husarova. So although they have split up as a team, they are still close.
ON the note of break ups, conchita and Tarabini hit a few times togther, so they also must have had an ok partner-caoch split.
Players who wont play together again will be Kruger and Weingartner. They had a shocker doubles match. Both made it clear they were not impressed with the other throughout the match. Joanette, who I think is great, and who is normally pretty passive, looked at her coach a number of times when marelene made a mistake. It was more a retaliation to Marlene;s more obvouls earlier looks.
Paola and Virg\inia had a lot of fun in doubles match against Rittner and Muller. Barbara thought it was fun too but muller, who is a little uptight, didn't know what to do. Suarez and R-pascal were shocking against fujiwara and asagoe. It looked as though they had been on the town the night before. They thjought uit was pretty funny though!!?? Then Paol;a played mixed and talked up to her coach and salerni's sister in the stands. Her poor mixed partner looked confused.
Likvosteva and Blackk were hopless against Gran and Spears, who did play v well. Jana N watched the match. Lilia Osterloh watched Farina and Hopkins with tayor Dent. Pizzichini and Cameron cheered on Silvia.Majoli encourages Schett in her loss to Coetzer.
MJ Martinez watched Annabelle beat Dechy, who was watched by Bartoli.
Maggie Maleeva and Kveta must have a checkered past. bOth urged ethemselves on in a spitful way, I was shocked at Maggie who is normally pretty quiet. It was a great nmatch to watch though, they hit it so hard.
Eva Dryberg watched all of Asa's matches, singles and doubles. They seem close.
I think that is all for the moment. Did anyone else see players supporting each other, at the OZ IOpen or else where?

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I was actually there the night that Paola Suarez played the mixed doubles match. It was pretty cute, cos she was constantly talking/gesticulating to a few ppl up in the stands, very close to where I was sitting. Didn't know it was Ruano Pascual(sp?)!

Stayed for a few hours just to watch Daniela Hantuchova anyway...but the Suarez incident(s) were very funny. At one point when she was really frustrated she just kinda let out a yell directed at her bench and I think they just laughed it off!

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sartrista7- didn't here about Marissa's mum and Washington?
Poor Mirv's season hasn't improved yet either! Wonder if yhe coach is out the door.

AUSBOY- so you saw all those matches? How about that!!?? See any other good ones?
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