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Seriously, one of worst years.

Adidas - such a fail again, those ao orange outfits were :facepalm:
Nothing new and refreshing by them. At least mccartney did some good job for uso

Nike was a bit better but I still only liked blue outfit for ao.
Vika at ao :facepalm:
orange outfit for rg :facepalm:

And that color fila used for ao :sobbing:

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I agree.

It hasn't been since Golovin that we've had genuinely attractive outfits. Remember the outrage with her red clothes at Wimbledon? And look at what Serena and all the rest of the girls were wearing at Wimbledon 2012 ...... Venus has been good for a few quick glances or so (2008 dress is her best - elegant, but then there are others - like her Apple Pie in 2011 OZ) but the last solid outfit was Serena in her Nike 2005 OZ.

Sharapova's body just doesn't lend itself to have great outfits although her 2006 and 2007 USO dresses were nice.

Serena's outfits have been so subdued, I want sex kitten back!
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