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Oracene Price Looks Toward Future

By Ronald Green

The Williams sisters have routinely turned Grand Slam finals into family reunions and the matriarch of the family — Oracene Price — has been a smiling presence at those major matches. Since divorcing Richard Williams, Price has reclaimed her name, regained her identity and has refocused on fulfilling her own goals: finding love and happiness establishing a family legacy that lives on after tennis.

In the current issue of More magazine, Price discusses life as a mother to a pair of daughters whose global popularity puts the rest of the world on a first-name basis with them.

Price and Richard Williams seldom attend the same tournaments anymore and rarely speak about their divorce after 22 years of marriage. But Price offers some insight into the relationship in her interview with More.

"When you're selfish and self-centered and live in a dream world, like Richard did, how can you understand anyone else?," Price said. "How are you going to know about anyone else?"

The Williams sisters have revolutionized tennis and Price hopes her family will leave a lasting legacy that lives on through subsequent generations.

"Like the Kennedys," Price says. "There has never been an African-American family that achieved like the Kennedys, so I think that's a valid goal. Why not dream big?"
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