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If you are running a doubles tipping tournament, simply copy the following text into the first post of your tournament's thread and add some finishing touches like a title, last year's results, pick the colors, fonts etc. Just make sure you erase the point distributions to leave the one of the category of your event (if you're running a Premier 5 event, you leave points for Premier 5 etc.). I will update this post with every rule change that is agreed upon.

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Playing Tipping is very easy. I will post the schedule and then you just tip who you think will win. To play, just type "in" and add a name of your partner.

e.g If the schedule was...
Errani/Vinci vs Hlavackova/Hradecka
Huber/Raymond vs Kirilenko/Petrova

This is how you would tip...

It is only main draw doubles matches.

If there's 1 point played in a match then the match counts (walkover or a pre-match retirement doesn´t count).

Pick for each match should be posted before the start of that match.

For the final match you will also need to guess how many games will be played. This will work as a tiebreaker.

Do NOT edit your post. If you want to change your picks do it in a new post. Edited posts will make all your picks invalid.

Also DO NOT make changes to your picks by quoting your previous post; this will make all of your changes invalid.


1. The player who guessed the winneing team.
2. The player who is closest in games guessed.
3. The player whose player posted the fastest in the final. If no one posted in the final, points from previous rounds are examined going backwards, until a clear advantage of one player is confirmed.


First Round = 1 point per correct tip.
Every additional round = one point more than for the previous, per correct tip.

Bonus points:

Premier 5 (12 players and 6 teams)
1st: 225
2nd: 150
3rd/4th: 100
5th-8th: 75
9th-12th: 35

Premier Mandatory (12 players and 6 teams)
1st: 250
2nd: 175
3rd/4th: 125
5th-8th: 80
9th-12th: 40

Grand slam (12 players and 6 teams)
1st: 400
2nd: 275
3rd/4th: 200
5th-8th: 120
9th-12th: 60

Year-End Championships (8 players and 4 teams)
1st: 325
2nd: 225
3/4: 150
5-8: 100

Olympic games (12 players and 6 teams)
1st: 150
2nd: 120
3rd: 90
4th: 70
5-8: 50
9-12: 35​
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