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I was very impressed with Jennifer Capriati in this final. In the second set, I thought she was tanking for about a game and half. I was wrong. I've never seen a player come from that far back down in GS final. Certainly on the women's side. Certainly in a final

( 1975 USOpen SF. Guillermo Vilas is down 4-6 1-6 6-2 0-5 to Manuel Orantes. And Vilas wins 4-6 1-6 6-2 7-5 6-4. )

Jennifer was doing almost nothing with Martina's game. She looked like she didn't know what TO do. In fact, Jenn never started looking like she was in control. She just started winning one nail-biting point after the other. I KNOW Jenn doesn't have the emotional composure to win in these situations. She displayed this lack in full view. So I guess Jenn doesn't need emotional composure to win.

I though Hingis had this thing stone cold. Jenn had to hit six, seven shots to manuever Martina into a place where Jenn could even TRY a winner. And of all players, I never would have believe that Martina would get beaten on cardio by Jenn.

Jenn fans, this Venus fan salutes you. Jenn was hurt inthat final and limping noticibly. The hip was hurting her. And she was dead. 6-4, 4-0. No one would have said a word if she'd packed it in then.

I was impressed. You wanna know how impressed I was? When this tournament started, I said the best player in the world was Venus Williams. She's still my fave. But I know who won the first GS of the year.

#1 Jennifer Capriati.
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