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OK Lindsay Fans, UNITE!

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Let's give our girl the support she needs this week and in the weeks to come! Let's hope her foot is OK, and that she can do some damage in the draw!!!!!! :worship: :worship: :worship:
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spooky said:
Lindsay is one of my favorite players. As a matter of fact V,S, Lindsay, and Jen are my favorite players but I have a ? about Lindsay. What was the big deal about her toe in the last couple of tournaments she played. I thought she was going to have surgery and now all of a sudden she's playing this week. That toe only bothers Lindsay when she is losing a match. Anyway, I truly hopes she or Jen wins this tournament. Well I was hoping the same thing or both of them at the US Open and what happended.....Jen choked.
Not true. Davenport was struggling greatly with that foot in the Nathalie Dechy match at the French and the Nadia Petrova match at the US Open - two matches that she won - among others.

I would agree that Lindsay's chances are better against Henin than Clijsters. Simply because Clijsters is 8-1 in sets versus Lindsay this year, while Lindsay still has a 5-1 career edge over Henin-Hardenne. I'd think that she'd have more hope/belief/positivity against Justine rather than Kim who she can't beat anymore.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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