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OK so Montreal 10K qualifying is: saturday, june 14.

Qualifying sign-in is june 13 before 7 PM, it costs 30 US / 45 CAN to enter.

The draw is 128 players, so I assume like last year there will be a place in the draw for anyone that enters. But I can't be totally sure. Unfortunately the women events are cancelled this year.

Jarry Park Tennis Centre,
285 Faillon Street West,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H2R 2W1

514-273-1515 ext. 227

and Lachine (Lachine is in Montreal) 10K qualifying is saturday, june 21. For more informations, there is a link in stevegtennis and tenniscanada website.

So I'm going to enter both events (to have my name written in the tennis history books - no doubt that people will remember me), but that would be fun if I wouldn't be the only one that plays. Or at least if there would be some wtaworld members that would come cheer for me. :bounce:

Go me :worship:
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