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In this thread you can ask for your username to be changed. Remember that there is a 16-character limit and a 3-month limit (check here for more details: UPDATED POLICY username change)

Genuine name change requests only from now on in here please.

Non-genuine requests or ongoing commentary from repeat offenders will have their posts deleted or alternatively their posts may get misinterpreted and their names changed to something they don't want.


A to L


AlonsoFx to aafx
Reflection to The Monarch Butterfly to Springy to WeBelongTogether to MirjanaFan to Migrate to Memoirs to AaronJoyB
Eventual88 to Absolute10
Adal to Alexander. to Adal to AdalWaldorf. to Adal. to Adal
Cora to adabol
NeeemZ to Adam. to Adam
Adomoose to Ado.
halepian to Adr1an
Adrian1992 to Adrian. to Domachokeska to Adrian.
MSV to OlympianPova to Advantage Me
Straight-Edge to Aganificent
-Tutu- to -Letitrain- to Box. to Jebi se to Overratedolovin to Slutiana to ~RIP.WTA~ to Slutiana to Agape
.:Agata:. to Agata.
Athenaeum to Seles to Athenaeum to AjdeNate!
vec16 to Miki_Lucic_Fan to Lucic fan to ajmo!
VolcanicTennis. to VolcanicRain to AJZ.
akame88 to Akame.
Amira to AkademiQ
DinaraSafinafans to Akin
foxyknoxy to aknox
Irwyn to akosiirwyn
ChrisWilliams to Williamsova to L'Enfant Sauvage to Alejandrawrrr
east players to Aleksz
Catriel to AleOrtu
Sarindipity to Alexandros to Hail Aga to Alexandros to Sarindipity to Alexandros to Thanatos to Alexandros to Sarindipity to Vanilla Tacos to Alexandros
salvatore to AlexBarrington
Allez-H² to Allez-H
Alycia. to Alycia
Hotel to ALYOUNA
RobertG99 to Amalgamate
Sureo to Miching~Mallecho to Slutty_Slutello to SerenaLeftBoob to Miching~Mallecho to يحدث شيت to Miching~Mallecho to ampers&
Enyaaa to Terovic. to Terass to Ananko.
Scholarlyg to Kick Rocks to DIXIE NORMOUS to Sofa King Great to Justin425 to Hethe1whoslays to Andrew Laeddis
Andrew18 to MightyMashaFan to Andy.
Koubiac44 to Angelpova
Emmaloo to Amber.
arm to Andrey >Nole
aniamajewska to Aniusia
Annie R U OK? to Annie Lochte to Annie R U OK? to Annie.
Tzar to Willam to Antarctica
duhcity to Anthony
Razor to anthonyqld
Winnerpova to Antoshka
!<bloc's_bitch>! to aNYthing
Day Dreamer to ARhyneMoment
artur0tennis to artur0ace to ArturoAce.
ashita to Ashi
sheed to Authoritah
wozniackiaus to Suit Up! to Avada Kedavra! to DuaZeepa (07/04/20)
Ginenés to Avelino
Nadeshiko fan! to Ayumilove
jankovictennis to Azachakisova.
softlights to Azula


Kim_ to B.B.
hk_andy to super_na to MarrymeNa to IKnowWhoYouAre to MarrymeNa to FLOWER-GOAT to Sassy-Na to Pasta-Na to Baby-Na
WarrenK to BadgerM
Ace_Shuai_Zhang to Bagel-Monica
Yves. to James Bond to Indiana Jones to bakkie pleur
---Benny--- to MaretBellyButton to $Tati=Hot$. to Ballbasher
msmyriam24 to Tennislover23 to Fistpumpovic to Tennislover23 to Balltossovic
venusinfurs to SuperSimo to Balveda
AmtrakQuebec to LorenzoSt.Dubois to Ban Boy
Luca Benedetti to Wind. to Banette
JupiterLover to cswab22 to Barktra
McWilliams to BartoliBabes
bartoszpoland to Bartosz. to Bartosz to Бартэк to Williaмs Fan to Williaмs to Magnifique to Bartosh to Bartosz to Bartosh
Beefy to John Rambo to Beefy
harbest to Penko Powers to Baby Bear
Jaisons to Hatred to Baby-Ma
Belco to WTA-Belco to Belco
Uncurv to Belle de Jour
bg017 to Ben.
Benny4LYF to Benny.
Flying_pancake to Milan. to AjdeAna! to Milan. to Fighteranovic to Milan. to Beowulf.
Veronika to Bероника
Chrispy to Berlin_Calling
MVPMARCUSJORDAN to Soprano_T to BestShooterEver
kutafon to betowiec
gabrielle to Elisha_Gabb to Bette_Midler
Appelfien to Ms. Q to The Friend to Betten
Big_Nana to Begbie to Big_Banana
Dr Inzamam to Big Inzy
Jess_D to Bikini_Wax
MJ angel to Le Chat to Human Nature to Billie Jean
Asadinator to binky-GOAT
Матвей to Мотя. to Матвей. to Bismarck.
Agent 0 to Black Mamba.
quaG10 to BlackPanther.
Leaburn_ to Blackwell
blerr to Blair
Kenzi to Blanche Neige
Ned Doheny to Blue-Eyed Soul
blue.trees to BlueTrees. to BlueTrees
BMT360 to BMT to BMT360
Wenger to BoltzmannBrain
wehan6 to bon appetit
CAPRIATI420 to Bonfire
karotard to Bon Qui Qui
Sloshine to Boreas to Jake Melburn to Boreas to Aquilo to Boreas
We Ourselves to Mr Halep to Robson Bouchard to Boss Hogg
Puigballer to Bouchardballer
DementievaRules to DominikaRules to BoucharDRules
Drake Ramoray to Boxuan
Skyblue101 to MartinaH_4ever to Brad[le]y.
Pietaar to Pieter. to pieter pan to Pieterenka to Pieter. to Desuetude to Break My Rapture
privalova to lepa brena to misery to lepa brena to sanja ernman to Brena to angus podgorny to Brena
Brettles~21 to |-Sophius-| back to Brettles~21 to GSM-Ferguson to Brett. to Брет. to Brett.
OZTENNIS to BrisVegas
pacomexican to Patrick_08 back to Pacomexican to PatrickRyan to Brooklyn90
VeeReeFan to Brooks.
soup to BLAH. to BUBI
afkaristan to azizy to Jizynovic to Azinovic to Bunaiya
Klefkeys to Burka
TeAmWiLlIaMs to ANARENA to BuTtErFrEnA
doubles to b~elle


sabina to Сабина
Christian to Kiz to ~Link~ to <Link> to Cage
martin2910 to MartinUla to Angelescu to Raelag to Kimadusah to MaDu to PainfulTruth to TeamUla to Caipirinha Guy
MartaHingisFan to -Calliope- to Calliope.
Anuraagbhadana to Captain Topspin
Caraleede to Caralenko to Caratantcheva to Caralenko
Nadalfan1990 to WozFan1990 to CaroFan90
Jayhernich to Destinyhernich to Athena Han to -DessWozniacki- to Carotastrophe
manutd2india to Kash to nocash to Cashif
cas from aus to Cassy
stevenk to Cat in the hat
meltjuuuh to мелание to cookie monster to Светамой№1
cory to CCCP1
AureaLibertas to Blind Watchmaker to Sisyphus to Censored
kitty_fantastico to Bategan to Cersei
chainedtomaria to ChainedX (08/07/20)
cHâMpLîNdsÂy to ChampLindsay
sickfalsetto to FakeMashabator to Charlatan
cdpoulin1 to ¤CharlDa¤ to CharlDa
RayTheKilcherian to Chastainiac
CherryRed to Cherry.
tenis.chile to Chilenaitor
kingiskingfineon to clayclass to chirag
SamR03A to Håkon to Chiquitita.
herbal to Chris93
chrisxinkux to ChriS.
Euphoriaa to Ciarán. to Ciarán to Киаран to Ciarán to Doe Deer to Ciarán to Le Dauphin to Tala Igasho to Ciarán
xiaoyq to Rainbow Domi to CibulkaNa.
CCH098 to CiCi Robson
UNCLESILAS to Tyrell to Letigre to Cindy and Kate
SweatBand to Cirscoffee
SabreUK to Cirstea
ClaudiaZ to ClaudiaZ-S
hotdogs to claypova to Plexipova to claypova to soshified to claypova to lordpova to claypova
Nidal1402 to KamanKarolina to CloudAtlas
pasapacasa to Coconut91
Psycha to mashachosen1 to ChaLoy. to Coffee&TV
bartolifan27 to PäikesePoole to Marionette to CAKE-GOAT to Malchik Gei to Parachute to Paparazzi to Marionette to SALAD-GOAT to Six Feet Under to Lorde to Six Feet Under to Singleniacki to Steadyniacki to Singleniacki to Flopniacki to COMEBACKTOLI
pagope to deepstate to commanifesto
* mladen * to MC Mladen to Perspektiva to Connect_HR
Kleenex to Cookiecrusher
argentianstar to AAT to COSAT
serbian_siren to Cosmic Voices
Dani Go-Go to X-Daniela to Peek-A-Boo to Cosmologist
Jubilee27 to profesorakittens to cowsonice
luna_moonstone to Couver
laatmaa to Samet to CR3WLFC
Masharific to Craig. to Amaze to Craig. to Craigapova to Craig. to Craig to Craigster to Mustachepova to Craig.
Craig to Isha. to Serena? to Craigrena to Craigy
crazylace01 to Bennguin1491 to crazylace01
s2cruxs2 to Crux Squall
AjdeAna to Curtos7 to Curtos07
s_dreamer82 to CWTennis
blankie to Сузи


dollyzz88 to dal
TigerKev101 to Kev. to GOATsur to Kev. to Hindrance. to AYUMI-GOAT to Kəv. to Daebak.
DanLovesWTA to Dan
Dani dementieva to Davai Bessonova to Dani dementieva to Dani Dementia to Danči Dementia
LMU to dane
Danimoo to Dani12
Shuaitina Pengis to Daniel K
danieln1 to Slumpnovic to @danieln1 to danieln1
Wazza to dany.p
¤ÐÅХؤ to Darop.
Dav to Dav.
Ivanovic Fan!!!! to DAVAJ MKirilenko
Dav_6789 to dave.
dab2035 to Dave B
dAdEx to dawid
e5dawsonj to Dawson.
debby to Trollby to debby to Spongebob rocks! to debby to Lesborah to debby
Serena&Petra to Deestruction
dementievavenus to DefyingGravity
Vengeanceus to DeliriousPotato
reshonda to delpetra
urockpatty to PattyPetrovaPeng to ~PPP~ to PattyBellyButton to Patty<3 to [/patty] to Ipatty to Demosthenes
denaon to Denaon
Avecmmoi15 to Destiny
Dexter_1986 to Dexter
...DIETER... to MashaTennis to Dieter.
Динара. to Pepi. to Пепи. to Dinayer
bujilover to buji to Dinesh!
Queen_Vee to Nadine. to Eau Rouge. to Dini.
DiogoSharapov to DiogoP.
pockit2006 to disco_rage
djiwebster to djwebby
dodoboy to Dodoboy.
dogwonder24 to Unnoticed to dogwonder24
Mr.Hide to DokDi
SwissFarlopa to DokicPova
Mitchell_Josland to TheDoktor to doktor
DollyRose to RoseStone to DollyRose
GoDokic! to Dominic
david_williams to donellcarey
Vaidisova_♥ to Fabulousova to Vikkiri. to Donnatella.
chµck to doomsday
PuppyCrusher to Dostoyevsky
Wizard of Woz to One Genie to Dreweh
Drimal to Duramont to Drimal
droolv3. to Droolv. to2010 to Droolv
alwaysfan to Javiz to DropShotAce
rickxx to DropshotPova
Tracy^^Dina to Tracy^^Dinarik to DS.Fan.
dualmedia_kay to DualMedia
duhcity to Anthony. to duhcity
PSALT to Alex. to Alejandro. to Alex. to dybbuk
BlackDusty to Dylan!
dmg100 to TheIdealist. to dynamoRockstarr


leng jai to Earl Squirrelson
V.A.S. Power to Eclipsed~ to Eclipsed
eck to Patrick. to eck to Krookodile to eck
ED to win a slam to ED fan forever
LO61 to Ed Hominan
Goldddfish to eDonkey
Londoner to EdinburghMan
Edy_ZG to Edy.
tennis_girl to ОДРИ to psichogauchovna to ОДРИ to Хлоэ to Effy
Darklingv20 to égalité to éгaлитé to insectosaurus to égalité
TheNexus to Egen
Luca Benedetti to Wind. to Banette to Rye to Eldest
Diva to Melyssa to Miss Melyssa to Miss V.K. to Ms. VK to Lulu. to Electrique
eliene:] to ELI:]to elienemh to ElieneHife to Eliene
Grand Slam to Elldee
agatha_christie to ellery_queen to Ellery to Hillary4ever to Jie_Rodham to Two-Oh to Ellery to MarrymeJie to Algebra to MarrymeShuai to Brittany. to YVONNE-GOAT to Gnaceon to Nadia. to SARA-GOAT to Ellery
tenniswatcher88 to BWLH to Imperfect Angel to ElusiveChanteuse
elwin to Elwin to StunnaShades to Elwin to nevaahwalkalone. to Elwin. to Krajíčková to Elwin.
Nhakila Davis to Keela Davis to Peña Rota to Christina Cha to Ellen Dawson
Maria_Kim to Laura. to Coraline to Emina.
djokovicgonzalez to emotion
Radiance. to Lidium to Empressive
Magdalena Ry to Dobby to Emrys
bhebhe to Endrew. to Endru.
Safine to Safine. to Enia to Kirinea to Enia
jessy to EPIC WIN
BlackButterfly to Equus to Equus
Torres to Escape
escapist_92 to Escapist
Marvinater to Exo
lalit to HillFan4McCain to lalit to Expat
frenchie chick to Miss Knowles to ExXotikal
Levres de Sang to luna d'agosto to Lachrymarum to Farfalla Nera to Fulci to Wardh's Vice to Eyjafjallajokull


Imperator to Farrow
stev2604 to Feddie
hotwine8 to FedererFan84
Roger_Na_Shuai to Fed-Li-Zhang
Chiakifug to Fergoli to Petrov to Ferg
Dementrova to Ferosh
monica0105 to Fighter Girl
I ♥ Maria to Fighterpova
broscutza to Fighter Broscuta
Walllace to Fililander
Fired up to ғιred υp to Fired
db99 to flareon
ScotsGuy to FleetSeb
the real chico to floki
scotty_che_8 to sCoTt.ChE to Foals.
foucault to fouc
E.Dementieva to Chunchun to FormalEducation
Owl-on-speed to Fortitude
KeisukeHonda to Frederik
Rebell to FreeSpiritRebell
Hatasha to froleva
ezgi to Frozenn
WWFC to furrykitten


momotaro to Gadis Desa
Gagsquet to Gagsy
Serena Attila to Galsen
turpin.josh to GameSetMatch4
martirogi to gardenia
mondray to Gargammel
Gemeos to Gêmeos
paul_masterton to GBTG_Fan
The newcomer to GenieArmyMAN
FanSince2004 to Leon Daniel to Evan James to Ana'sProcess to Gentleman
Halcyon to Gilas.
Gigicat22 to Giovanna
ViktorDudas to Viktor to goat
Man Down Under to MR DOKIC to Pнanтom Limв. to Ninтendo to Hugh Mannity to Radekleroad to Golovinjured.
Gplayer21 to G1player2
koyak to Golan
golannepatriot to golanpostmortem
TheBadger to GoldenGophers
PAYMJW to Set It Off to Sistah Girl to GooooonNow
G0-T0 to Gordo718
pOWERrENA!!! to GoodWigHunting
grafsharapovakim to GrafMariaPetraK
apothekersassist to graftak
Pumbaa to GoLenaD to lewap to MUGSHA SUCKS to gociku to GrandMartha
~Mille Sesseu~ to Grand Phantasm
lenka_ to Eleena toKarolena to GreenGrass
GettaTashOn to greNade
Scores_WTA to Grigor.
Torment to American Dream to Tensity to Grigorpova
James Wolfe to Gruftgesänge
iAmNinia to GSMashaa
omess to guichard
Tradzz to Gumdale
gumoll to gumoli to -Tomek- to Tomek. to Acheron to Tomek. to gumoll to Tomek. to gumoll
jonnyroyale_13 to Gwynn338 (07/08/20)


Not A Fan to Haihui
Dox to Haimar
LockSmith to Hakapeszi
Schuettler-4ever to Graf~Dokic to Dokic-Fan to Halepeño
TNT2009 to Comebacksova to Halepsova
fufuqifuqishahah to Hanan Ubis
Andman to hankmoody
danielafrenchfan to Hant11
V-lix to Harju
harry30 to Harry.
...[Harvs]... to Harvs
ANNA 107 to Gulbis Rules to Slava fan to Hibari Kyoya to Deepikatadze to Kanda. to Hisagi. to Leyla. to Setsuna. to Princess Simona to Setsuna. to CM Punk. to Setsuna. to Tezuka. to Pretty Backhand to Gundam Exia to Selenator. to Kerber Counter to Haseo.
Sol Apollo to Haute
Naldo to HavΘk to Havok
Rossana Fan to Ranadalara to Sanazakaya to Bennyboy to Benjiboy to Ranadalara to Ophira to Ranadalara to Ryoma to Hayato
Matt121 to WTAtennis2011 to WTAtennis2012 to HateBlackouts02 to HawkAussie
SparklesAllOver to Hazel
HilaryDuffFanboy to hdfb
Marie91. to Oermi to vanillalatte to Pizzaprincess to Porcelain to Headcase
wildcard23 to obsession to kooki to heart
rfl14 to Heinann
tennisfan_77 to Hele.
HenryMag to Frontstabbah. to HenryMag.
british_player to Ianto_Jones to Hev
GOATson to RobChard to RobCic to HelloSvitty to HelloPliskie to HelloMugsie to HiKvitty. to HiBeeBi
heylookimgay to hingisGOAT
tenniscreep to histery
Rekordmeister to Hotzenplotz
rukpens25 to H.O.V
Hugh18 to Hugh.
Hugo87 to Hugo21 to Hugo22 to Hugo23 to Hugo24
Hugues Daniel to Hugues (10/08/20)
HuHu to Sobaka to HuHu to HuHu ?? (28/02/20)
Alicia Vikander to hurty
Hybrid_Theory to Аннетте to HybridTheory


Ian!. to Flushing. to Gosh. to IanRadi
dAnFan to IceHock
bibiche to idoor
~?~ to iSzavay. to iSzávay. to iGOAT
serbian-tennis to Igorche to (. )( .) to Igorche to Part Time Lover to Igorche
paprotek to Caro&Rory#14ever to ladny to GSMPrzysiezny to iketeru
ILoveCats to ILC
Bartoli's Undies to I love Jojo
nickwhittle14 to ● Milk-Shake ● to Fresh... to ● Vanilla ● to Blue Moon to Lemon & Lime to Impossible to IMPOSSIBLE
Ewuchen to Ethan. to MalKING. to PrettyImpressive to Kris Letang to Eugenie Lupul to I'm Score!
il dragone to Internova
Zevenswijk to returnofserve to Now and Zen to Nirvana to Iridium to Acetyl CoEnzyme
JCapzBiggestFan to Isha312
TrojanStallion to ItaliaStalia
Sesil Fan to Ivan.
Ivanovicjovanski to babyajde! to Ivanovic2008
ivanw2008 to I_Will2 to .Ivan. to iWill
I E to iwroteapoem


OhNaNa to Jack.
tiprince to Jaco·He
Tigz10 to Jaded
fandejankovic to Jajaloo
Yves. to James Bond
jameshazza to Asherahpova to Serfpova to ServeCaspian to jameshazza
james ere:) to JAMESYBABY!
dentine to Jane Lane
xalejandrox to Jankarenka
Jarl_02 to Jarl
Español to Mr. Gintonic to Javi. to Javi
JavierTennis to J.Bravo
JDX to Jedi657470
GameSet&Match to Paparazzo to Jeffery
MrJekyll to Jekyll
Ethiopian Clowns to Mr Show to Jeremy Armstrong
JERRAJ to Jerraj
alvarho to JJelicious
Ovedie to Careless. to JJ Style!
Goliano (JN) to JN
juakos16 to juakos17 to Joaquin
HighHopes to Јована
JoeG61820 to Joe.
OHhey_Lisicki to OHhey_Pivovarova to Joey Darling
davenportdude to John. to Madame X. to John.
Groove Dude to Johnny Groove
Europe rocks to JoJo
john95 to .john. to CHOKER-GOAT to Jon. to Santana Lopez to Jon. to Halcyon to Claylona to Shiffrin to Gaz. to Jonathan
Sambor to Jonathan.
Jechijo to JoPova
No mercy!!!!!!!! to zeka21 to No Mercy!!!!!!!! to No mercy!!! to Jose.
Josh. to Josн. to Josh.
H Mart to Journeywoman
TopspinDoctor to JoyLuckScrub
Australia to JP1987
Bagels_galore to Kei x Bastian to JuicyBubbles
RRjuki to juki
Roddick to Mario Sharapov to Julian. to Mario Sharapov to Julian.
CeeJay to JulianArtwork
sportslover to JulieC
skronck to Fantasy Hero to MashaWTAsaver to Fantasy Hero to Mitten Kitten to Fantasy Hero to Coco Hero to Julius Kugy
JustDoIt to Slutilo to JustDoIt toЏаст Ду Ит to Just Do It
Marco tennis to Ridin' Solo to Best I Ever Had to Justin SW
Spain07 to JustPetko


Division to Berlin Calling to [email protected]
SerenaLover18 to Serena's Lover to A.K.B. to Akil to A.K.B. to Akil to Kairi to Macomere to Macomeh to Kairi
kai_soad to kai.
rasha91 to Haythem91 to JuviaCroft to NewQdoa to Kamww
kscrv to MarryMeYungJan to 單純的臉孔 to MarryMeYungJan to Grayed. to MarrymeKaiChen to JolinA to KanSuke
kuba2340 to kapociak
Atlicznie to Kasey to ImWithHer to Kasey
MArtinasaNIA to Kash
Katya. to Katya
kbw72688 to KBdoubleu
OJmayoMVP to KBtechnique
tennisrulzzzz to i.Like.Tennis to Changes to WatchOut to Ultimatum to Yes man to Keaka
KGZO to Keggz to Keegan
phantomplayer89 to KeloSpecs30
kerberfan to jackjanetcrissy to kerberfan
Asif_Nawaz to Kerberos.
Jisner to Kermitt
KevRulz09 to Kevin.
Kotre to KeysisGOAT to KIG.
Παναγιωτης Μ. to king vulture
OhKiri to Kiriber
k!riosh to H0barthel to deliverance. to kiriosh.
снevina to Kaiusa to Chevina to Zhienko to Chevina to Hachiko to Rhaerwen to Francis to Kitakaze
mariafan63 to Kitten63
kittyking to Sooveryoufraza to kittyking
Something. to knorke
wtatommo to kolan
!.Steven.! to KoOlMaNsTeVeN to KoOlMaNsEaN
Wonderwall. to Kon.
zvonareva to Vz.Chy to Koonsozvo to Koon
Teensfan. to KoRRigan
kimli7 to Kristerka
SharaSlam to Kryptonyte to Mitrá-Varun to Kryptonite
Spycimir to Krzysiu.
Niya to Ksenia.
silyaunWILLIAMS2 to Kvitarenka
Kylger to The Big K to Kylger


arch_enemy to Lacrish
magical_sori to latromcutealert
Luís Santos to LCS
Idemo to Perennial Flop to Bouillonner to Perpetual Scrub to Le Vautour to Grade-A Deucebag to Le Vautour
Mimoletto to turtle-rn to Leaubellon
petrus. to happygoody to petrus. to utensil to energy man to tit tiririt to menjar blanc to lee station
MissSpears to Lee-Water
LefandePatty to ThisMyPengHome to LefandePatty
#1SteffiGraf#1 to Legend97
Legion Argentina to Jah Rastafari to Legion Argentina
mb2diesel to Lemonadestand
Blue Moon to Lemon & Lime
Borrachero to AnDrele to Lennval
Leo St to Leo.
Just_Me to LeRoy.
noelia-g to
flyguydsl to LH2HBH
Loveboxx to Libertango
slowfast to lightningquick
nothingfails999 to LightWarrior
Madlord39 to Otlichno to FerrerFan123 to Otlichno to NewYorkPsyche to Jill. to HarajukuBoy to LucyLexorexia to LebaneseLagoon to OhSeeTheLight? to CamKendrick to LupeDynamo to BalkanTreeHop to LiMaNaNa
Lilinshan to Lin Lin
Gamo to Linoller
if i would could to LinusVanPelt
Numer1KimFan to Lisbeth
RedHotRafa to RafaMariaKim to RafaKimRena to Lisickniacki
purplish to LizeT
TVTennis to FlameOn to If_U_Seek_Ana to FlameOn to Diamondtieva to Pops Maellard to Lord Choc Ice
lizzard11120 to Lord Sneeze
sunnysmydelite to Gretch. to Lorinda.
Stanko Dapa to Avram Bakalina to Louis Cyphre
LoveMasha2008 to LoveMasha
Jeannette13 to LoveMeansZero
LuCaS>Myskina to LucasArts
Gigi_dulko to Lucho_Coria
Lucifer123 to Lucemferre
lukidudi to Lukasz
olympus to Harmonium back to olympus to lympyisthebest

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Official name change thread: Be careful with usernames you request.

M to Z


Makatieva to Maca.Lofish
SerenaLover18 to Serena's Lover to A.K.B. to Akil to A.K.B. to Akil to Kairi to Macomere to Macomeh
Madoda to Maddy-88 to Maddox
Kuzzy24 to Mad_Francois
effe to Camila Giorgi to SuckMila to Madoka
Mlaga to Magaic
Despatsado to Maidenhair
zerowing to makirilenko
malarkist to abilene to malarkist
GOATges to Siamese Dream to Malkmus_
~BaKeRsBiTcH~' to Leanne Luver to Ivanova to Mana
JackWalker to ManuelPabloArnao
JankoVee to Gambuzino to Marcelo. to Mr. Jones to Marcelo.
Marco-Alize to Marco-Nicole
Queen Maria to Summon to Maria Croft
Maria Fan to MariaFan.
VirginMary to Marilyn Monheaux
Doa15 to Slumptoli to Ronoc to Marionated
Mark40 to Mark43
Mgray1966 to Markmen
sugarpova to martevna
bballbasher to Marucic.
The_Maryamator to Maryamator
vavavoom to Facepalmarenka to Mary Cherry.
yoinkilltakethat to Jdokicfan to Dokickass to Mashabator to One Directioner to Directioner to Mashabator
MashaFan01 to MashaFan#1
mashanicolefan1 to mashasabinefan1
Mashi to Laserpova to Mashi
phreaker to ~MashyOwnThemAll
BambooDragon to Iguehi to Siyasema to Nabalonge to Kabibi to Masikini
RoyBatty to Bladecatcher to Mastodon
AlexSydney. to 21 Watts to 21 Wαtts to 47 Rambaldi to Kerni2003 to AlexSydney to Mattographer to Mateo Mathieu
Altair to Mathijs
Swimntennis to Matt.
MaSharp to Matteo
mdm13 to Matthias13
BerlinPower to boomerangkid to maturedgirl
Dr.Edward to maumau
mb011 to to empressionist to mb011
P. Suvarnvasi to Pyotr Zuvanov to McPie
EffieDeenaLorell to Janice Dickinson to Janice. to Saban. back to Effie DeenaLorell to Karen Walker. to M16 to M17. to &MichaelHeathhh. to Ga Ga Ooh La La to Born This Way to mckyle.
meelis13 to Meelis
Certitu to Menachem
hoonie to Plumtree to aenoc to Fanii to messing
karotard to Bon Qui Qui to Michael*
DankeAnke to Schwabenpfeil to Schwabenhengst to Michael!
stop-sign to Michael. to MichaelCourt. to Michael. to SHUAI-GOAT to Shuaiporeon to Michael.
Norts11 to Midnight
anadunja to Mihaela
triphop26 to Mike.
dikeymikey to Mikey.
MikBs to Mikulescu
Flying_pancake to Milan. to AjdeAna! to Milan. to Fighteranovic to Milan. to Beowulf. to Milan. to Milan
mimoco to Al-Andaluz to Laura No Está to Brown Eyed Girl to ProudlyJesusFreak to no hope... to Belly(.Y.)Dancer to NIÑA BONITA to cosita loca to La Matadora to Pizarnik to MAKTUB to LauraTango to BrownEyedGirl to CadavreExquis to Il capo dei capi to Conchuda to Supercake to Talita Kumi to Milito22
Serenafanross to ree-and-ross to Ross. to Enchanté to Ross. to Física o Química to Mina Vagante
tagus to Beesley to JJohnyTheSaviOuR to Miracle Worker
aquababe to Misha
Reetard to Bradbury to Miss Atomic Bomb to Miss Amor
Subliminal to MissionPrecision
s_v_e_t_l_i_o_ to Svetlio to Светльо to Nehellenia. to Mistress of Evil
mjslmaverick to MJSL
MilikKashad to MKR94
mak!r! to kiriana to MK Ultra
RussiansRule to Mlle Bruni
Maja12 to MM_1257
Mark Newman to mn73
chrison to Fabien Lollipop to Modiac.
KimKong to Mon.
pratfan to GrassGOAT to Qrystyna to iYulia to MoonballPusher
DarkHorse to Shirapova to Queen of Scream to TheGoldenGirl to Pelokghale to Revival to Mooria
MoritaMania to Morisicki
Tennis SRB to Mountain Ana
Mattluck to MattShevenov to LiuWenGING! to Na_Ligendary to M.P
JankoVee to Gambuzino to Marcelo. to Mr. Jones
Aussie_fan311 to Mr.Kardashian
milotimasha to Miloti to Long and Hard to M.M to Mr.Sharapova
AshBolt to LeatherRatson to Mr.Sparkle
MrWaagh to FantasyBoy to MrWaagh
masha_lover91 to Masha Fierce to MS17
ariana to Mugria
serusable to Muttley


1MillionthSamFan to N/E1Four10/S?
sakya23 to NadalNut
spicyramen21 to nadeeya
naina to Наина to Naina
NoleAnaJeca to -NAJ-
Nadl to Natalicious
Kaeli to Natash.
nathanj594 to @ nathanj594 to nathanj594
to Tyler_GER to Navratil
fearbear to nealcaffrey
MoLara to Necati!
NeKo to Cristian Gulldén to NEKØ
Nemu to Nova
CheerBear to Neptune
VaidisovaFan to Netin!
nevito to Nev
PushingtoHeaven to Serena-Caro to New-Era
NewShoulderPlz. to SimplyMaSha. to dontchokeplz. to NewShoulderPlz.
KindaBlueish to Niandra Lades
NIKKO84 to Nicolas
nolop to Czar Nicholás I to Matías. to Nicolás89
Nick Wood to Nick
ana_is_love to Nikkie. to Nikkiri. to Dumbkiri. to Kiristea. to LadyAga~ to Kiristea. to Nikkiri! to Kiristea. to Agronsky. to Nikkiri. to agni3ska to Nikkiri
Angel_NiMaria to NiMaria
Wyna to Nina.
I Heart Masha to I Heart Mimi to Aravanecaravan to Kipling to QuentinCompson to Holden_C to Sum_Of_All_Fears to No.Brains.Atoll
gossipcom to nlm
Rena&Lindz to Rena&Jie to RenaNizer to YouScreamMeCream to Boreaz to Wolfy to Keima The God to Noctis to LI-MUG to Noctis
noelia_madrid to Noelia
ma7moud.vcf to nonRelativity
lisickifan to NoppaNoppa
Chakbelle to Melange to King Halep to Northstar
FrenchY52 to NorwY52
Crimewave to Noten
Novichok to novichok to Novichok
EddieV to Akgul is Tall to Nov-O-Tny
Redplaya13 to NuggetsFan


Sinnettennis to Leen. to Equiseta to Officinale
bizarredreamer to Double A to ohitsabel
Emmaloo to Amber. to OhKiri
oliviasmith to MrsColinKaep to HRHoliviasmith to KaepernickDurant to HRHoliviasmith to oliviasmith
Ollie_R to O.R. to Ollie.
Serena-#1-Fan to Serena~lover to Olórin
SpaceCowboySC to StarryEyed to Onjanae.
onionboy to onion to dcookie21 to Orao26
cowking to Orbis
eliene:] to ELI:]to elienemh to ElieneHife to Eliene to osseous
Embittered to Radical to otary
Machu Picchu to Kabezya to OxNoj
I_Am_MashaFierce to Oyster


Patch to patchavong. to patch.
reeana to SheepInDaBigCITY to deejay asbestos to Sun Red Sky Blue to SRSB to Dama do Bling to TABÙ_SEXY_SHOP to TheKang. to Brenda Mensah to papa_action to Malcolm X to الحاجّ مالك to Cwiny Tyeka Cwer to Jalil Sherman to MASHA'ALLAH to The Orisha to The Witch-king to Baby Suggs to The Witch-king to Patoranking
gmot to hellokvitty to patriarch
Masha Is Back to Patrick Bateman
pau_bcn to Paw
rogermachado to peakWTA
Blackout to Pebbles
elba to Penc
HeyTennis19 to pepaw
sala_ryan to H3ll.0 to g00dby33 toH!gH to $#!+ to daGreat! to PlankdaGreat! to .Homme. to Planeteer to Direwolf to Perseust
Dani4180 to Dani41 to Pesi
petey_pan to Pete!
MaKiri rulezzz to peterlein
Gigi. to (...) to Bambasta. to Requiem. to Spaceman. to MrBrightside. to Petkorazzi
PetraNo.1 to I.Luv.Kvitty to PetraReeMona
Czechfan to Philbo
来去匆匆 to PIAoTvTeY
Pierre-YvesMasha to Pierre.
Yoana R. to PimpMePova
piratesswoop to Gracia. to Pirata.
TheQuestionJerk to PlayToSix
MapleSizzurp to Plies
E. Dementieva to Pliskapenko
Loose to Poova
alas8! to Polikarpov
Rewan to Wildfire to Darth Revan to Reaper to Poltergeist
popinjay to pariah to popinjay to renegade! to raptor to Gregor Samsa to Herbert Görgens to The Reaper to popinjay
Consigliere to au_sports_opinion to Positivity
JankovicSavior to Serg. to Potapovian
anabel_medina to Wllm_2 to Kiridina to William. to Vikilliam. to VIKA-GOAT to VIKA? to Pova
mdiccal77 to PovaDaQueen
lupojohn to Power Shot
CornellBoy to practiceboy
DianaConti to kirchnerista to pregunta
kline to prima donna
Trend-setter to Pr!ncess Đayana
Carlos Rodriguez to Ajde Ana to Ajde! to Naima. to Princeza
Ladygaga to Priscilla.
safinismine to PurpleRage
Lavinskie to PushWoz


Mr. Joyful to MUFFIN MONSTER to Cucumber_Conny to Aubergene_Amra to Tangerine_Timea to S.T.A.R. to burn to LightsOut! to Qalahari
JJ-Fan to Daruma to Q-Jo to Daruma. to Q-Jo
Karma Police to Queenpova
Azapova to Queen Vika to Queen V. to Queen Vika to Ying-Ying GOAT to Queen Vika
POVA_is_GOAT to Queen Yuryevna
aselto to Rest Maria! to Simugna Help to Quest for Infamy


Kailasa to r5t7
nadal_took_it to rafa_double_slam
Azarenka_Blue to Vikaria Azarepova to Vamos!Vika! to Rafito.
WLX to RadWANDska
NewTFDavai to VDavai to Stanislam to Rafa14 to Rafa15
Edding2000 to RagingBull99
jerriy to Droog to jerriy to Raiden
SomethingRandom to RandomShot
randy72391 to Randy
angie/sofya to Raygun youth
yodawiseguy to ReboundAce
the_maestro to Reckoner
redpinkboxes to PinkTape to Luminous to flyingpetals to kakashi to redpinkboxes
Borine to Renaissance
GoV&Rena to Renalicious
VeeVee to Beyby to RenaMeeka
703703obeyrose to RenaPova
RenaSlam588 to ReeBorn2008. to RenaSlam.
Renegade65 to Renegade
serenafandelux to BeyRena to Représailles to QueenMum to Représailles
cassie88 to Reptilia
gambit84 to Rerun
Clijsters2018 to Retired.
tinoky to RG Moonballer
Danka-Hantuchova to iDaniela to BlackSwan to aMAZE+ingDaniELA to Richie's
tennis2006 to Rik.
danker to Rising Sun
Toadman15241 to RiskeFan
CoryAnnAvants#1 to RiskeFan1
MK-squared to Rix643
rnwerner to RNW
Tennisfan83 to RobinT83
sidlovessania to ♥♥ Sania ♥♥ to rocksania
nufflemutts to Root
Tennis Français to TheJoh to RoyalFencer
LethalLaura to BodyElectric. to Royals.
Y.JCHANfan to Ronald. to RND
Ruisantos to Backstabbah. to Hephaestos to Rui.

PovaBmachY to RybaKenina (31/07/20)


Грустная Девушк to Грустная to Sad Girl
big chase to Saifi
Salve to Sistren to Akila to Veesus to Salve
Yonce to Sam (14/04/20)
SammyC to Sam21
Martiforever to Sammo
cellardoor to Sammy Stones
MrExcel to SamTennis86
shedwards to Sam_USA
Samuel193 to Sam. to Bouloumboko to Sam. to Samemoustille to McDandy to Samji to Samwei (10/03/20)
tennis2007 to Sander.
Word Life to World Life to Mega DC to DCM Power to Kurai Hoshi to Akaniero to Ryusuke Tenma to Sapeod.
Saraya00000 to Saraya0 to Saraya! to Queenraya to Saraya!
jsmdrl to SixLoveSixLove to Memento83 to Sardonicus
DDRickyDD to SD92
5ean to Sean.
TyLee. to Sectumsempra
silesia to selesia
Selven&Ana to SELVEN
H2O to Innocent! to Sephir
Scarecrows to Serena-rules-no1
SerenaFan17 to Cascade to serenaforever
Monsterchi to SerenaGOAT
SerenaBabyDaddy to Serena's Hubby
Montreaux to Serenidad.
moriah to Serenita
nathan-yeah to Serenus Christ
Serezha to Sergius
Euro_Boy to Sesil Fan
Corpuscle to Sexysova
VIKtorious to Viktorious to Shadowcat to Zircon to Shadowcat to Alice to Shadowcat
Shafanovic to Superficial. to Quinn Fabray to Shafanovic.
AaronLHernandez to ShakeYourOwnHand
mattbrowne2001 to Govortsova_GOAT to mattbrowne2001 to MattB123 to Shankitova
Fiercepova to Chokerpova to Sharapovalov
Kimmie's_Boy to Sharapova's_Boy
Yazoo.C to Sharapovian
sharapower8 to Sharapower8
FrenchTaki to Shinjiro
liverpoolshivank to BridesMaidPova to CareerSlamPova to Shivank17
nadalloverforeva to promqueenrena to shoryuken
away to Shoulderpova
ChrisCHorse to Shvedbarilescu
ivanxie to Shilin
dominatorb2 to JavierChicarito to SidTheKid
SILAS to Silas
Kawa to Silent Bird to De Lay to Silent Bird
marklwg to HipsterPova to SilverSlam
Veelieve to MrVenusWilliams to silyaunWILLIAMS
GameSetMatch_Li to Simonose
nemurenai to Thiudians to nemurenai to FreezedriedDemon to Mahogany Pluto to nemurenai to Sister Price to Brokenus Jamba J to MahoganyAsteroid to Sister Price
Aga Supreme to Safina to Skinz
Carlos_ to CarlCold. to SkylerBlue
Piter to Carlsbadwanska to Slamlesswanska
Caoimhan to Slampova
Iliketennis to Slowdive!
tuna to Szavaysova to Las Vegas to Slumpsova
bamboos to Papercut to Marko. to Golowhored to Slutati
€50k to Smacky the Frog
2notrump to SocaBrainwash to Smite
Dawson C. Reik to Smith VanDerBeek to Smith Saybrook
Associated to Snezana to Snex
Snowwy to Tourniquet to Simplicity. to Snowwy
BDS321 to A-RadsBlackSheep to Who Made Who? to Audio to Caro'n Ana to Resistance to by a 1000 swords to Iwasgettinghigh to SOA_MC
Zvonaryovshka to Faithnareva to Zvonaraver to Mary Chain to Losing Streak to Potapovushina to Jazzateer to Potapovushina to Rybatouka to Собачье сердце to Sobachka
Kazieczko to Sabinator. to Sobbinator.
williams_fan to VeeMashaRena_Fan to Serenapower to Williams_fan to ^exodus^ to SoClose to AnywhereButHome to SoClose
Frizz to SodaPop
Iliketennis to Slowdive! to Marlboro to Home Sloane to So Disrespectful
sonfo to [email protected]
disremembrance1 to soojung
stevedokic to Magical Sori to latromcutealert to Sorismentalcoach
MaRQs to GoLdEnSeToV to Mahon_Lorcan to Sorley
Midnight Angel to MsDeportivo to SpanishSuenos
tildeloltilde to Spencer.
KieferFan to Sphrontanascier to Del_Marquis to Sphrontanascier to Schlampanascier to Sphrontanascier to Soliloque to ViceUltramontain to Soliloque to Sphrontanascier
Fan de Tennis to SquirrelPova
Cheda 16.17 to SrbTeen to Cheda 16.17 to JJFromTheBlock to Princess-GIORGI to SRB Analyst
TheArena to Stadia
justinhosbey to JustIncredible to Trineosereno to JustIncredible05 to JustInCredible to Justin. to King. to Le Bon Vivant to Rex Regum to LBV. to le bon vivant to Stamp Paid
manatee to tajeemaha to starin
[!Stoic] to Stavie
me♥LenaD to Stephieva
siffleanimaux to Steven.
GameSetandMatch to Griffin. to Chromium to Griffin. to Stonerpova
Donnie D to Strangelove
strastib to Paris75 to Strastib
Fearless to StrippedToBasics
ilovetennis999 to moodin0931 to GOATdin0931 to suckulentaces96 back to moodin0931
lupetto84 to Sudtf
supper ana to super ana
Dave Robertson to Super Dave
Med.Nico to Nico to Suspiciousalpaca
KuzyIsNo1 to SvetaPleaseWin.
Ferragamo to Svetlana)))
SVK to SVK to Fedak's bangs to SVK to Anotoxfa to SVK to R 609 Aspirin to SVK
tex to SzavayFi


Branden to taloki
Gavnich77 to Taz_Warrior
Redsy to tdot.
Tea. to Tea
flipboi69 to technique90
dzsump3r to tejmeglekvár to Pavstry. to C. Drone to tejmeglekvár
vaidisova28 to Temperenka
Dorothy Dean to Tempest.
Shetachai to tennis-insomniac
tennisbum79 to tennislover22
Go-michelle to CHINLEYY to terceira
RatedG to GoldenFondue to Glasgow Smile to Little Dreamer to Bad Blood to Froot to Holy Water to Honeymoon to Terrence Loves U
Felipe Abe to Thaleia
wacked82 to Transient to Thanos to Samson. to Thanos
Dw--Serenafan to Thanx4nothin
Zealisa to thebookthief
Iza to The Cylon
dl05 to The Dawntreader to Hejira to The Dawntreader
Mitchell_Josland to TheDoktor
TheFifthAvacado to Goloback Gurk to TheFifthAvocado
DarkHorse to Shirapova to Queen of Scream to TheGoldenGirl
JohnnyWeirFan to Shi Hyun Ahn Fan to Jamie Saeng-Wa to Jamie R Belyea S to Jamie RS to the jamierbelyea
Kazmarnica to Jankylicious to The Kaz
The Kvitova Slam to Cruncy Booboo to The Kvitova Slam
The Kiwi Fan to The Walking Bye
Surreptitious75 to Valar Morghulis to The White Whale
scriha02 to Ana 2010'ovic to Trophy Wife Ana to Hurricane Ana to The 2nd Law
Chrono to Chrono. to Narcissus. to Alfarshear to Chrono! to Xepher to Valanga to Mynarco to Honitsu to Todestrieb to TIEFSEE
hargitaa to TiGeR-H
-tim83- to tim83 to tim. to Tim.
reyeszjj to TimeyWimey
lene to becks to timtams
delicatecutter to Wally. to delicatecutter to speed and sleep to delicatecutter to carnival wig to delicatecutter to carbon monoxide to delicatecutter to Wally. to King Wally. to Wally. to Victim Noises. to Wally. to revelationbaby. to to paradise.
gardewy to DFonMatchPoint to Celeritas to Dewce to Cetkovskán to +Y-T to Yonder to Kola to Trickle

jasonbloom to Trafalgar (28/02/20)
tripwires to Mrs Squirrelson to tripwires
mreiter to TrollPova to FlopPoova to TrollPova
IWannaBeTheOnly1 to SofeeahArvidson to Sam MacKinnon to ~lollipop guy~ to Ebi Ere to soup jr to Joshualdo to Ilikebigboobies to Tsveti's#1Fan
DokicSupporter#1 to TyLee.
TweetySnape to Tweety Snape
Vodkapova to Mrs. Dimitrova to Twerkpova
twight6 to ♣Thomas♣ to twight6 to I<3Lindsay to Ï♥╚!ÑÞ§å¥ to twight6


Changes to WatchOut to Ultimatum
Danikim to Hantu to Bennyko to Bexx to Benshka to Uranus to Ouranos to Umami
Slowvin toPeter Pan to Uncle Jason
anego to MagiMadoka to Utautai


Vaidisova Rules to Vaidisova Ruled
Missmessytossy to valaha92
Not_Even_Amateur to Vamos.
VAMOS_MARY!!! to Vamos Mary!!!
The Lush to Vanity Bonfire
Lizzard to Varvagina
Vaxeyq to Vaxey
Zadent to Krsna to Kishan... to Veerror to Sethor to Veerror to VishaalMaria to Veerrror
ACI AND ACI to Vefci Y
Mistacrinkle65 to JankoGOAT to JaJa Swan to VeeJJ
Ilovetheblues_86 to Vercingetorix
VikaCaroAga to PetraCaroAga to VikaBiancaPetra
hugobosstacchini to vikapower to Vlada to Vikapower
ViktorDudas to Viktor
Anna Orlik to Viktorija
▪lenavee▪ to Rage! to lenavee to TheBlueLight. to lenavee. to Pavlova. to Viktymise.
vinceten to Vincey!
Sphenx to vö£†ä to volta to amumu to volta
A-S-V Williams to VRee_Willario
Under Attack to Vuvurenka
| TY | to vw.


Mariela to W2RZeroEight
bond008 to Slamniacki to Waldo
wakefield10 to WakeyUSA1996
JohnJohn to French Kiss to ToyBoy to Jean to Juani to Walsall
earthSRB to Wanderer
DrNefario to Wasp
watchdogfish to PixilatedPenguin to watchdogfish
AdmiralVale to waving feather
Wazza to Waz
Blondeaux to Lykke to Wedel-Jarlsberg
ChakPatty to What-A-Shoot to matthew01 to Nuyl. to Frightening. to Sejr to Wert. to Gutter to Wert.
CanIGetaWhat to WhyNot
AndreaV to wild.river
Бартэк to Williaмs Fan
Heninjust to Obamabarack to Obamab back to Heninjust to Williamsser
raindance maggie to winnerpova
Thats My Jam to Womp Up The Jamz
wowwow to NENA to WowWow
halep1fan to wozniacki1fan
hantieva to Wyclef


gurl_tennis to xin_hui


yarden7 to «Yarden» to Yarden
Slogan Logan to yikes on bikes
ReRe Williams to renasaurus to Reephoria. to Yoncé
Belgicanofl to MЯ iGlenn™ to Sire Sylar to Lior. to MashaRena. to Aneres. to youizahoe
Dian4iks to Yurim


ifittyfad to Zanadu
slavasays to DIYAS-GOAT to ZarinaJJ
zziptennis to Zenith.
MichaelN to Zephyr
VivifiedInk to zestyswans
thriller999 to FinestHour3000 to #of$$$$ toQUATRO to ZODIAC


BeAtris to שמש וירח to קשת בענן
§.. to §
@LbA to Альона to _AlbA

Lovekim to -Andrew-
Sonic The Hedgehog to -Sonic-
#Karlos# to CarlosBV1 to #Karlos# to #kArLoS#
Kiera123 to ~Kiera~
Dule® to ©@®eLess
Dalex to дalex
Pepi. to Динара.
meltjuuuh to мелание
SvetaKfan to Анна
Незнайка to Шариков
Hip-And-Happenin to :inlove:
Ma Baker to Јaнкoбич
~Supernova~ to Rubberduckzilla to ~Cherry*Blossom~
Tennisfan617 to -(X)-tian to -(X)-Rated Ego to -(X)- to Xian's Bitch to D . ~{X}~ . K to ~{X}~tianuccio to ~{X}~
M.A.T. to ~Poseidon~
Gorgo to !Gio!
Karat0589 to .Andrew.
DX2 to Mrs. B to .TheGroke.
KhorkinaQueen to Nefertiti
DJ Nicky to Oriz to Kyber to Kenobi to DJ Nicky to McPunch to Miltonius to Tomix to Nicole. to Natasha
Boom_Boom_Sabine to danbo to 雨傘
Blacktie to 1stGent
Suricate to Mongeusburger to Suricate to ShiuauaiPengoose to $uricate to Rough Trade to $uricate to Krokodil. to $uricate to Kingpova to $uricate to Vulturepova to $uricate
MrPitiful to @pleeneeoh

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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

Can I have a change to Holy Water please :)

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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

don't wanna be pesky but ^^


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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

because i am a very enigmatic person :kiss:

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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

The username policy has been updated (link in first post). A taken username can now be requested if the poster involved has less than 50 posts and has not been active for 5 years.

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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

The username policy has been updated (link in first post). A taken username can now be requested if the poster involved has less than 50 posts and has not been active for 5 years.
Hopefully, that's the case for the username "Nova".

If so, change mine to "Nova", please. Thank you. :)
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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

can you change mine to: "Sephir" ?

thank you

Don't touch the fro!
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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)


If possible I would like a name change from Set It Off to Sistah Girl.


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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)


If possible I would like a name change from Set It Off to Sistah Girl.

Is the dot included in the new username?

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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

Dan please and if is not free, than Dan.


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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

Dan please and if is not free, than Dan.

Dan is available with the new rules. That poster has no posts and has not been active since 2002.

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Re: Official name change thread Volume 2 (check post #1 for rules)

Dan is available with the new rules. That poster has no posts and has not been active since 2002.
Ty :yeah:
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