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Hey great idea <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <br />Here's my humble entry <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

It's a biography of sorts,upto to you to guess, which player..<br /><br />The 30th of September,<br />Indeed a day to remember,<br />For on this day in 1980,<br />A woman named Melanie was sitting pretty,<br />There was no place for gleam,<br />It was finally the birth of her dream.

Ofcorse she knew that a "dream" would not suffice,<br />For a dream wouldnt produce results before people'e eyes,<br />It took work ,work and even more work,<br />And with the money she had, what lay ahead was lurch,lurch and even more lurch.

The resources she had were minute,<br />she got some space in the local institute,<br />The journey started at the age of three,<br />That was the start of the dream's glee.

Days come ,and days go,<br />soon it was time for the 1st big test of the small dream laying below,<br />The 1st match was what was coming as you may know,<br />But that day was a fateful blow.

It was an easy loss,believe it or not,<br />For god felt there was a lesson to be taught,<br />Melanie realised, there was no point in being fiery,<br />her daughter's game was too ordinary.

It was time of deep self doubt,<br />after all,was her small dream ,meant to be drought?

More days come,and more days go,<br />But hope comes ,and never goes,

Soon her dream was of age fourteen,<br />Her game though was worth to be seen,<br />People said she was the next superstar,<br />Melanie blushed ,but inside it was a different story,<br />"Oh my god" she thought,is my small dream ,now a <br />true reality??

Soon her daugther had tournaments won,<br />what followed was the Australian Open other than none,<br />Boy ,it was a lot of fun, <br />This was a dream coming true of someone.

Alas,every coin has it's flip side,<br />Here an uneducated girl,ignorant about the realities of the world, lay,<br />the press,god bless, decided to make her their<br />prey,<br />She said a woman looked like a man,<br />and she was slotted as a "homophobic",<br />the press and haters, god bless, <br />wow, great logic at that.

But the Swiss Miss knows to tolerate,<br />her mother has justified to her this hate,<br />You see every person has shades of grey,<br />finding faults in others ,makes him endearing in his own way,

She used to be shy and demure,<br />but is now known to sly and rude.<br />But Melanie's little dream is learning to cope,<br />as she is an embodiment of hope.

A world in which reality and practicality play a big part,<br />This unusual degree of hope is what sets her apart.<br /> <br />The Swiss Miss is an amazing gamut of talent,<br />looking back at the small dream that created it ,<br />all I can say is,<br />Thank you Melanie , Thank you !<br />

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