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Due to hacks into the servers of Vertical Scope, which runs TF and countless other sites and forums, including Men’s Tennis Forum (which was hacked several months ago), the webmasters have beefed up the password rules:

Unfortunately they made a huge cock-up of implementing the changes, and a lot of people are having a lot of trouble getting back in. You will not be able to log on until you change your password to conform to the new rules.

As I understand it, this is what you will need to do (I will edit this if further information comes to light):
  1. If you are using anything other than the “Full” (default) View (e.g. Classic or Mobile view), you will need to change to Full View to change your password. You can do this using the little window at the bottom of the page. You can change back afterwards if you like, it is only necessary in order to be able to see the image verification snapshot (the little picture of weirdly arranged letters and numbers that you have to retype in order to receive your notification of your password change).
  2. You may have received an email on or shortly after June 16 2016, with a link for resetting your password. If so click on this link and follow the instructions. If you haven’t received this email or can’t find it, proceed as follows.
  3. Enter your current username and password. You will be told that they are not valid and that you have 4 more tries to get it right, or you willed be blocked for 15 minutes. Don’t bother trying again.
  4. Click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions
  5. if you can’t remember which email account you used to join or that account is no longer active, contact the mods/admins (click on “contact” at the bottom of the page) and they will reset your email to the account you are currently using.
  6. As I understand it some web browsers also don’t support the image verification snapshot either, so if you are following the instructions but are running into a brick wall, this is probably the reason for that. Try some different browsers in that case until you find one that shows the snapshot. If nothing works, you can contact the mods/admins and they should be able to talk you through it
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