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What you should know about Jennifer

No matter how much the public thinks they know about a celebrity, there's always more to learn. One athlete the public really thinks they know is Jennifer Capriati. Many fans still think of her as the 14-year-old wunderkind who burst onto the international tennis scene. Jennifer is now 27-years-old and has left the 14-year-old everybody thought they knew far behind. Ready for a new take on Jennifer? Read on. How are you a different player-and person-now than you were as a teen?

Jennifer: My situation was indeed unique, like my history. I had to understand myself. I had to realize where I went and what I made, before making decisions on the future. I did that around 20-years-old, and that's when my independence began. I was no longer a child and I was in control of my existence. Now I feel real. My experiences have made me who I am. How important is family to you?

Jennifer: The relationship with my parents is better than ever. I love them. And my dad, who taught to me to play tennis, is my coach again. He's my ideal guide. You took a break from professional tennis for a while. What did you discover about yourself during that time?

Jennifer: To discover positive sides of my personality has opened the door of a new life. But during the break, deep within myself I wanted to play tennis again and I didn't give up because I didn't feel happy. Why did you make tennis your sport of choice?

Jennifer: Actually, tennis chose me. My father started me playing tennis when I was very young. It's been part of my life from the very beginning. What keeps you going when a match, or life, gets hard?

Jennifer: When it gets hard I just think there are a lot of other people in worse situations and that things could be much harder then what they are. I'm lucky and fortunate to do what I do. What do you do in your spare time?

Jennifer: I like to relax, enjoy the beach ,go to movies, shop, and read. Which is your favorite book and movie?

Jennifer: My favorite book is The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama, and my favorite movies are One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and Lorenzo's Oil. Which is your favorite dish? Do you have a "personal" recipe?

Jennifer: I love pasta with pesto sauce and pine nuts. I don't have a special recipe but I do use low-fat ingredients. Is there anything in particular that helps you relax before a match?

Jennifer: I listen to music, watch tv, lounge, and read a book.

Q: And after a match?

Jennifer: After a match I like to get a massage, go shopping, go to restaurants with friends, or, sometimes, go dancing.

So, it seems Jen still likes (swing) dancing and has opted for 'Lorenzo's Oil' over 'The Shining'.

Oh, and Jen's possible wardrobe for the Open...
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