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No USA vs Germany doubles feed? :(

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This sucks I wish another station had the coverage
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The rain has severely messed up the original court assignments and broadcasting schedule. Venus was originally going to be second on court 1 on Sunday which would have been a fine court assignment. She was then rescheduled to 2nd on court 2 which I thought was wrong and could have been better decided, but the original intent was fine. Today she was on CC and she and Serena were originally scheduled to be 3rd on court 2, once again a fine assignment for doubles. Then you had a 2+ hour rain delay and a men's match that took 4 hours and backed up matches on that court and so the organizers most likely asked Venus and Serena did they want to be moved to a court that would be available quicker and they accepted. If Hewitt had lost the second set of his match the Sisters might still be out their now playing if the original court assignments and schedule had been kept.

The event can't afford to get any further behind so it was best that they got their match in no matter what court it was on. You have to remember they are trying to cram a GS size event into 9 days. :help: Singles matches ALWAYS take precedent over doubles and the singles matches that had yet to be played got priority. Believe me NBC and the tour would have much preferred to have the Williams vs the Germans on in the last hour over Azarenka and MJMS or Huber/Raymond vs the Radwanskas, but the weather and getting matches in didn't allow it. NBC will air the WS in doubles as long as there isn't a top man or woman in action which is something almost no other doubles team receives. The Bryan brothers doubles match was also moved to a non televised court and Federers doubles match was cancelled.

The comparisons you made with Basketball and Tiger Woods don't exactly work because Basketball isn't affected by weather as easily as tennis plus matchups are scheduled months in advance, making televising big games just a function of coordination. In golf there are usually 30 to 40 players out on the court at the same time and there are camera's set up at ever hole. If this had been Wimbledon (the GS) court 12 would have been televised, but since the networks whose studios (ESPN) are situated right behind court 12 aren't there the cameras weren't there either. Venus and Serena's doubles match not being televised was a byproduct of the weather, the heavy load of singles matches being played, the small number of courts that are televised for Olympic coverage and the limited option of courts to put them on. There really was no better place to put them in order for them to get their match completed. This rain has really hamstrung the event and they are doing the best they can to get matches in. Organizers sometimes just have to just throw players out on any old court so that the event can finish on time. It is true that a very select few are immune from this in Singles like Federer and Nadal, but Djokovic and even Murray have had to play on 2nd and 3rd courts when the weather forced it. I agree with you though that tennis often fails to capitalize and make the most of it's stars, but today's doubles match was not one of those instances. :shrug:

Good post. :worship::worship::worship:

In all honestly I wish I had more insight as to how these decisions were made.

On NBC sports today, they literally had to provide an explanation and apology to their audience as to why the Williams sisters were not on. Clearly they weren't happy. As you are aware, this topic is in heavy rotation on this board for many events. Not just the Olympics. And it seems like the WTA never gets it right. As I have written many times, yesterday they put Wozi on cc. And in doing so literally wiped out any chance they had at getting on TV for the entire afternoon. Racism aside, that's just poor planning and not knowing market dynamics.

I concede that there are scheduling and weather difficulties. But to not have the Williams sisters on a court where they even have a TV camera is in-excusable, and yet another missed opportunity. And other sports leagues don't make these kinds of mistakes, over and over again. Your post is fantastic. Yes, I read all of it. I appreciate your insight. But clearly, even with yet another ready made excuse, this is a situation that could have been handled differently. I wonder how many people turned the channel and walked away today, because once again, we failed to put our best and most marketable product on center stage.

Good discussion!:wavey:
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The reason you didn't see much of Sharapova is because Tsonga's match went long...I think NBC wanted to go there.. they showed more points of her match then then they did Wozanaki's when I think they were showing Fed's doubles match..

I just think they made a buisness decision to stay with Tsonga because his match had turned into an epic. You can't just leave the longest olympic set ever in history.

Good call.:worship:

But I watch this stuff closely. NBC decided to stay with the Tsonga match long before it became an epic. Perhaps they were hoping for it to end and it just went long. But I would have thought before today, that they would have switched right to Sharapova. Especially after hyping the match all day long. Remember, they could have shown us the Sharapova match with live cut ins to the Tsonga match just as easy as vice-versa.

Lets not forget, this is the Olympics. The ATP matchup was a Frenchman vs a Canadian. It could be argued that the USA has a better link to Sharapova, in that she lives here and is all but American, until tournament time comes around and she magically rediscovers her Russian roots.:lol:

I thought NBC made a telling statement today. Even with Sharapova on CC at Wimbledon, and before a very hot crowd in what was a very good match, they still opted for the ATP and Tsonga. I guess NBC has the same TV ratings data I have with regard to Sharapova.

And with regard to Wozniacki, I think NBC would show the grass growing on Heneman's Hill before they would show her match. Did you see the coverage yesterday? At one point, NBC was literally skipping from doubles court to doubles court looking for anything to show except the marquee matchup at center court. The were avoiding Wozniacki so much, I thought they were going to go "live" to me in my living room posting on the tennis forum..... before going to her match.:lol:

NBC has given us all quite an education the last 2 days in terms of what their vast marketing is telling them.
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They were cutting in a bit with Sharapova because I think when it started Tsonga match could swing and end in three sets but it didn't and then Maria's time got less and less to the point we only saw a few points til the end.

Woz will get even less time with the Willams sisters playing opposite tomorrow. if she gets more then 2 mins, I'll be shocked.
They were cutting in a bit with Sharapova because I think when it started Tsonga match could swing and end in three sets but it didn't and then Maria's time got less and less to the point we only saw a few points til the end.

Woz will get even less time with the Willams sisters playing opposite tomorrow. if she gets more then 2 mins, I'll be shocked.

I don't think we will see any of Wozi/Dani tomorrow. I am going to have to count on the web streams for that one:lol:. The way NBC has been handling these matches so far has been very educational.
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