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It was a good partnership :hug:

Honestly, Conchita (and Stubbs) helped her a lot with improving her movement, but she definitely lost some of her aggression in the process. Kind of how when Dementieva improved her serve, she became a grinder who engaged in overly long rallies and too often relied on her athleticism to get her through points. I don't know how much of it comes down to Conchita, but Karolina should be looking to play first-strike tennis. In important matches, she has a tendency to become more passive, and of course, her mental lapses play into that as well. I hope she can find the right balance.
A good observation. I agree :hi5:

Karo must play first-strike tennis. SHE must be the one who plays aggressive/dominates.
And not get dominated - because in defense she´s hopeless because of her slow and bad movement.
A big problem is when her (normally strong) serve is off. Then she gets into defense quickly.
And as you said her mental lapses. They happened too often in the Grand Slams.

The talent (serve and groundstrokes, also good volleys, dropshots and lobs) to win a Slam is there.
But she must play and serve her BEST at the Slams and improve mentally and her slow movement.
I fear she will stay a slamless #1 and will not improve. But I hope she will. We will see ...
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