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No. 1 Clijsters Announces Media Boycott On Website

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No. 1 Clijsters announces media boycott on website

September 13, 2003
LONDON (Ticker) - Women's world No. 1 Kim Clijsters has decided to stop speaking to the media after her father sparked a controversy in Belgium following the U.S. Open.

Clijsters made the decision after her father Leo, a former Belgian international soccer player, questioned new U.S. Open champion Justine Henin-Hardenne's weight and muscle gain.

Clijsters performed disappointingly, and far below her best, in the French Open and U.S Open final defeats to Henin-Hardenne.

In interviews this week when the two women returned to Belgium, Leo Clijsters insisted he did not suggest Henin-Hardenne was taking drugs. But by indicating his belief that her growth was unusual, a storm erupted which has threatened to damage the relationship between Belgium's leading players.

The two also are ranked No. 1 and 2 on the WTA Tour, with with Henin-Hardenne quickly gaining on Clijsters.

A statement on Clijsters' website read, "In agreement with Kim Clijsters, those in her entourage have decided to observe a silence with respect to the press, for an undetermined duration."

The statement added that a list of those with whom Clijsters would agree to speak, would be printed on the website,, "in good time."

"It seems obvious that several newspapers and magazines will be from now on 'persona non grata,' because of their disparaging columns and other 'sensational' articles, whose goal is to gain a reaction from Kim and her entourage," the statement continued. "People who wish to increase their circulation by this manner can go on their way, they are no longer welcome."
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Its such a shame its had to come to this.
Is it one of the russians? Didnt one of thier Dads used to play for Spartak, I think maybe the Safins, could be wrong though

Could you be reffering to one of richards little fantasys though?
It must be Myskina then, if it aint Dinaras Dad.
And she isnt quite Russian either. Born in Kiev.
1 - 4 of 80 Posts
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