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Ok, i just wanted to run this idea by everyone to see what they thought:

In each tournament, when it gets down to the final 16, we could have a little vbetting thing. Everyone could send 50 v$ to me and then we would randomly draw names out of the 16. Each vbetter would get a player left.

Then whoever's player won the tournament, that vbetter would all the vcash.

We could do like commitments 'till the end of the year to make sure that everyone got a chance to play (if there's a lot of interest). I'd be willing to run it, and don't worry I won't take any of your money :p

Post here if you're interested in doing this, cause if we do it quick we might even be able to do it for the final 8 of Roland Garros.

My other question is does anyone know a fair way to pick the players? I guess i could just assign a # to each player, 1-16 (without telling anyone), then everyone who is participating could pm me a #. Then, whichever # you pick you get the player of that #. That's kind of dumb though, does anyone have a better idea?
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