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What's happening with the old glories? Countries like France, Germany have not much young talents who are ready to enter the top 100. On the other hand, the countries in Asia seem to have young talent, and also Argentina has lots of talent.

Who of those young players can make it? Are those players from Asia really talented or was last week just luck? Can players like Dulko, Salerni, ... become top 20?

I believe we are all too busy with all the big players like Hingis, Williams sisters, Davenport, etc. The young players deserve attention too.

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i think it is good thats not alltime the same countries rule the tennis-world

i like to see all the talented players from asia and the former sowjet republiks!

sure i would like to see a new german tennis hero, but we should not expect to much!

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France has some great young talents... Tauziat, Testud, Pierce <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

But seriously, there are some good young Frenchies... especially Virginie Razzano. Players like Stephanie Foretz, Nathalie Dechy, Emilie Loit, etc. could also improve <IMG SRC="smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0">

Vive la France!

if youre wondering about the real future of any nation:

1) go to
2)go to ranking
3)pull up the ranking for wherever you care about

france has a very good 14 year old, thats around the top 50 at the moment. shes from russia originally, and should be very good in the future.

russia has several top players like svetlana kuznetsova

estonia, will have kaia kanepi. who has already passed maret ani, im pretty sure shes estonia's #2 player aside from kaia, by being ranked int eh high 200's on wta with only a few tourneys. kaia should be a top tenner in the future.

ANYWAYS, just check out the countries, czech republic should have some great players and so should slovakia. belarus has a couple promising players. and yeah. but thas a great way to see the current juniors and where they stand.
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