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EviLjuan said:

Premieres in Toronto, August 9, 9:15pm. Bloor Cinema!
thank you! i can see this airing here either on pbs or cable (hbo).


Directors: Abbey Jack Neidik, Bobbi Jo Krals
Co-Producer: Abbey Jack Neidik, Bobbi Jo Krals, Irene Angelico
Cinematographers: Abbey Jack Neidik, Bobbi Jo Krals
Editor: Howard Goldberg

2003, Canada, 78 minutes, English, French
World Premiere

At the age of 25, Canadian Sonya Jayeseelan is ranked forty-seven in the world on the women's pro tennis circuit and is nearing her retirement. While her knees ache and her shoulder is starting to wear down, this is the only life Sonya has ever known. Having never completed high school or worked in the "real world," Sonya's story is in many ways typical of girls who are good enough to enter pro tennis - a sport that is the highest-paid women's sport in the world - yet many never rank high enough to sustain their career.

SHE GOT GAME juxtaposes Sonya's yearlong battle to improve her ranking on the WTA tour against the other players with whom she has come to know over the years and who sometimes are ranked far higher than she. Out of 1,000 players who annually make the pilgrimage from city to city to win prize money on the WTA, there are only a handful who are talented enough to win big and ultimately become household names.

Bobbi Jo Krals and Abbey Jack Neidik have created a riveting and realistic film that demystifies the competitive world of women's tennis and clearly shows the sacrifices that players make at a young age to go pro. The documentary includes sincere interviews with superstars such as Jennifer Capriati, Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King, who gives a wonderful personal account of her famous match against Bobby Riggs.

- Victoria Asness
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