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I read this a CNN, and found it interesting. Who do you think they will nominate for the four spots?

Who were they last year?

WELWYN GARDEN CITY, England (Reuters) -- British tennis players will have to work harder for a wild card into Wimbledon, tennis chiefs said on Wednesday.

Instead of awarding six automatic places for British players into the world's most famous tournament, the Lawn Tennis Association will force players to earn a spot in the draw by beating off competitors.

Last year six players were given places in the first round of the grass court grand slam.

This year four players will be awarded spots while another two will go to the winners of a specially held tournament staged a couple of weeks before the June event.

"We've tried to raise the bar in what our expectations are for somebody to be considered," Davis Cup coach Jeremy Bates said.

"What Wimbledon had agreed to do this year is to award four wild cards to the most deserving British players.

"We are trying to make it a bit more incentivized so in addition to the four deserving players, Wimbledon have given us an additional two wild cards which we will hold a tournament to allocate.

"It will be an eight-man playoff between the next six best ranked players, the best junior and one wild card.

"Hopefully this will make people think a bit ... people who had been expecting an automatic wild card will now have to earn it."

Bates said rankings will be used as a guideline for the four automatic wild cards into the men's singles draw.

A similar scheme will be used in the women's draw.

The LTA's new performance director David Felgate said: "For me, it's a lot more than just a wild card tournament.

"It's going to tell us a lot about players ... how they react."

Felgate, who guided Tim Henman into the ATP top 10 rankings, said that all six wild cards were not being decided by the playoff tournament because some of the top players had earned the right to a wild card over the year.

"But it sends a great message to some of the players who might have been expecting a wild card, he said.

"Plus, some players have been criticized in the past for getting a wild card. Well now they will have earned them."

The announcement was made at the LTA's annual briefing where Felgate outlined his plans for the future of the sport in Britain.

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I would think Anne might get one too. Just a guess.

157. Elena Baltacha
169. Anne Keothavong
182. Julie Pullin
206. Lucie Ahl
254. Jane O'Donoghue
302. Hannah Collin
329. Helen Crook
429. Sarah Borwell
445. Joanne Moore
454. Rachel Viollet

Have not all these players gotten WC before in their careers? I don't know for sure of Moore, Borwell or Crook...
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