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Here is the link: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

It will be in tomorrow's edition of "Süddeutsche Zeitung" (= southern Germany paper), one of the most important German newspapers.

I have treid to do a translation. It's definitely not perfect, but hopefully better than those made by translation engines. <img src="wink.gif" border="0">

SZ: What do you feel while being in europe ?

Lindsay: Generally, I would feel more comfortable in the USA, but maybe it's good right now to be here. Europe is a bit away from the terror.

SZ: How did the WTA react to the terrorist attacks ?

Lindsay: They told us: 'If you want to have more safety, you can have bodyguards.' But I feel quite save without them.

SZ: The championships have moved this year. What do you think about that decision ?

Lindsay: As an American, of course I have to say: It's sad that we have left New York. But on the other hand, I welcome the decision. More prize-moey, the season is shorter, Munich is attractive. I have played there few years ago. The arena is great. My only concern is if there will be enough spectators.

SZ: You must be exceptionally motivated for the tournament. This year, you haven't won a Grand Slam for the first time since 1998.

Lindsay: It has been a tough year for me. I haven't managed to play my best tennis at the important situations: quarterfinal, semifinal, final of the Grnad slams. On the other hand, I have hardly had any losses against a player outside the top 10. When I lost, then against players who deserved to win on that day.

SZ: What do you think about the competition at the top ?

Lindsay: Right now there are 6 or 7 players who can win a Grand Slam and 10 to 15 who can do a surprise. These are characteristic numbers. We are still far away from the men's standard, but look at the draw of this year's US Open. In the quarterfinal I met Serena. She won and then had to play Martina. in the final she met her sister Venus. Nowadays you have to be prepared for schedules like this one.

SZ: How important has been the athleticism for this development ?

Lindsay: The physical aspects become more and more important every year, and the Williams sisters have had a massive contribution to this. They are the most athletic tennis players of all time. They could easily do many other sports. Because of that, the others have to work harder. Not only for their athleticism, but also for their game.

SZ: There was a time in your career when you worked very hard on your fitness and lost weight by that. Was that your own intention or a reaction on the new game style ?

Lindsay: I was a bit lazy for a while, but I didn't feel I was doing anything wrong. I still was in the top 10, without giving all. Then I decided not to contnue wasting my talent. Recently, I play less and less tennis and work more and more in the gym, I really like working there now.

SZ: What will be the next development in women's tennis ?

Lindsay: I think the future top 10 players will serve even harder and probably be even faster.

SZ: The Williams' play much less tournaments than most of the other players. What do you think about that ?

Lindsay: If they want to play only 10 tournaments, fine. But what they are doing right now hurts all of us: they commit for 16 tournaments and often pull out shortly before they start. That's bad.

SZ: What do you think about Martina's future ?

Lindsay: I don't think she will be out of top 5 soon, but she will probably never be as dominating at the top as she has been before. The injury-break doesn't have to be too bad. Sometimes an injury like that one helps you. It forces you to rest, you miss the game, and when you are back you are willing to work harder again.

SZ: The Time-magazine has written: 'The WTA often reminds of a soap opera where everyone wants to act Alexis Carrington'. Do you agree ?

Lindsay: Yes, sometimes. Last fall I read that Martina and Anna were supposed to have thrown flowers at each other. But usually it's quiet in the locker room. I have never seen 2 players tearing each other's hair. Martina and Anna seem to get along again. They hate, they love, they hate, they love ...

SZ: In the era of Billie Jean king, female players were like missionaries: they fought for equal rights in sports. What do current players fight for ?

Lindsay: The top-players don't fight for a superior aim anymore. But I think that if tournaments reduced the prize-money 50 %, we would move together.

SZ: The missionaries have become business-women ?

Lindsay: We have much more chances today. Chris Evert or Martina Navratilova have never been on the cover of a fashion-magazine. It wasn't possible. Today Anna or the Williams sisters are on them. Today female players are not only athlets but also stars.

SZ: Last year Nathalie wrote a book about the tour.

Lindsay: I have only heard about it.

SZ: There Nathalie condemns the methods of business at the WTA, particularly the golden-exempt-list, where the tournament organisers decide which player sells the most tickets and therefore gets the most entrance money. What do you think about that ?

Lindsay: Last year, Anna finished the year being no. 8 in the ranking and no. 4 in that list. I think she deserves to be there. She should be no. 1 there because no one sells as many tickets as her ?

SZ: Is that the majority's opinion ?

Lindsay: Definitely not. I think many players see the facts but don't want to accept them. I don't have a problem with that.

SZ: How long do you want to continue playing ?

Lindsay: I began at the age of 15, now I'm 25. 10 years on the tour are quite hard. It's a long career in every sport. I want to have children before I'm 30 years old. To stay at the top is tough - and I have been no. 1,2 or 3 since 1997. I will continue as long as I have fun. But I can't imagine still having fun if I am only ranked 10th or 20th. I admire Steffi. She was still winning and suddenly retired.

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great interview....thanks!!! <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

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Very nice interview, thanks a lot <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
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