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New Grand Slam points making an impact

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Had Kim Clijsters beaten Jennifer Capriati and then won the title she would have been World #1, but just by losing to Jennifer she finds herself 823 points behind Jennifer with the final yet to be played.

Making those 823 points up at smaller events will take time, and at the next Grand Slam, Clijsters is defending finalist.

So it looks like the new Slam points are making an impact already.
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I don't think that's a bad thing, it's the whole purpose of the new ranking system
Yes Martina is gonna pick up points on last year even if she loses!

If Martina can keep defending points very well early on in the season then she will really be able to pick up points at Wimby and in the fall. GO MARTINA!

Incidentally Clijsters is defending last year's Finalist points at the French but she did gain points here at Oz and picked up points at Adidas so she is doing well. Martina will be ranked ahead of Clijsters by getting to the finals and could even soon push ahead of Venus.
The best thing is that both Venus and Martina lost in the first round of a slam. They are both going to have a chance to go up the ranks greatly :)

After today's win over Monica, Martina has racked up 624 points so far at the OZ Open. She's defending 614 from last year. So the new point system hasn't done much for her, if she loses the final she will actually only raise her rank total by 10 points to 3901 and will stay in 4th.

If she wins the final over J.Cap, she will have earned 1018 points at the AO.

1018 - 614 = 404
404+3891 = 4295 which puts her in 2nd!!!!!!!

GO MARTI!!!!!!
Martina has only beaten one player in top 16 so quality points are very small for her.
Yeah, that's becuase martina didn't play a high seed in the Quarter Final, unlike last year (serena was worth 86 pts) this year she only got 8pts by defeating serra zanetti in the QF..

makes a different to the pts telly.. But I agree increasing the pts in the Slams is the best way to go..
Yes but for me it is positive because a lot of people automatically assumed that Martina would not be able to defend Sydney and the finals of OZ. The Hingis haters were just salivating with the thought of all her points coming off. If Martina keeps playing matches like today where she is getting easily twice or three times the winners as UE's then she will be very very tough to beat this year.

I hope ure right treufriend at the mo she looks good and not very easy to beat. If she wins this i tihnk she gets put up into second place which is good for her. Win the toray, indian wells, scoots dale and she shall easily come number one!!! I really hope for thi is most hingis fans do!?!?!?!?
kim had a bad clay season in 2001 before her final in RG, so a decent clay season should do her ok, even if she loses R2 or 3 in roland garros.
The actual change is system doesn't account for many of those points. Maybe about 50. The remainder is simply the difference between Kim getting 200 Quality points/a pile of round points, and Jen getting 100 Quality points/a pile of round points.
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