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Navratilova's random thoughts....

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These are just some questions and answers from the WOmens Sports Legends Website that Ive cpied here for people to have a read...cuz you can never get enough Martina-wisdom!!!

Question for Martina Navratilova:
Are you going to be writing any more novels or anything? - GL, Detroit, MI, USA

Martina Navratilova: "At the moment, there are no plans for another book."

Question for Martina Navratilova:
Hi, Martina. I am very surprised that you have made no public comment about Goran's homophobic comments at his press conference or the fact that the ATP has not come out and said/done anything...By the way, its GREAT to see you in commercials now. - Jack, Baltimore, MD, USA

Martina Navratilova:
1) I did not hear about the comments by Goran about the linesman until a week later
2) I do not hold weekly press conferences
3) I will bring the matter up when I have the opportunity.
You can relax. :)

Question for Martina Navratilova:
You worked with so many great coaches and motivators: Sandra Haynie, Nancy Lieberman and Renee Richards. Yet, none of these women ever worked with other players. Why not? Renee is a brilliant student of the game, why is she not coaching?

Martina Navratilova: "I had close relationships with Nancy Lieberman and Sandra Haynie. I don't think it would be good for a good friend of your's to go and coach your opponents. As for Renee, she quit coaching me when she went back to being a doctor and is still practicing medicine now."

Question for Martina Navratilova:
I want to congratulate you on your Wimbledon commentary. As always you (and Mary and Zina) were very objective, technical, professional and funny. Martina, I sincerely believe you are the strongest link. Also, I wanted to know why you are now playing with Prince racquets after so many years with Yonex. Why? - Chris, CA, USA

Martina Navratilova: "Why am I not playing with Yonex? First, thanks for the TV compliments. My contract with Yonex expired at the end of 1999. They felt I was not playing enough. Then I played last year and they still said I was not playing enough. I played with the rackets for free - I thought maybe Yonex would change their mind as I played even more this year. Alas no, so I practiced with Jana Novotna earlier this year and really liked her racket. So, I called Prince and they were interested and so I am on their team and that is that. I'm very happy with the Prince product and hope I can help promote their rackets. I want to thank them for signing an old warhorse

Question for WSL:
Coaches are allowed for team competitions. How do you feel about coaches being allowed to sit besides players at all matches at all events? Would you recommend it for junior play as well? - Jon, Woodbridge, NJ, USA

Rosie Casals: "I'm not quite sure about it. I think it wouldn't be the worst thing. I would be willing to try it and see how it would change the game if any."

Ilana Kloss "As the CEO of Tyco World Teamtennis where coaching is legal, I definitely think it's a great thing. The players and kids get immediate feedback which is very helpful. It also allows for more interest in the sport by having a larger role for coaches like other team sports."

Martina Navratilova: "I think coaching should be allowed. It would make the players better and the quality of the game would improve as well."

Wendy Turnbull: "Tennis is an individual game and a battle of the minds on the court. Since the players now take a break after each set it wouldn't bother me if they were able to communicate with their coach in that period of time. Afterall if they have a rain delay it is possible to talk to their coaches then!!!!! It might be a little more difficult in Junior competition because one coach might be the coach for several players, and it might be more difficult to supervise."


Question for Martina Navratilova:
Monica Seles at 27 is the same age you were when you really turned your game around and became unbeatable. Can she get back into shape and back to where she was before the stabbing? What does she need to do? Since you played Monica back in the early 1990's and have also had a chance to play doubles against the Williams sisters, who do you think hits harder: Monica then or the Williams sisters?

Martina Navratilova: "I think Monica hit as hard as anyone while standing still or moving forward. I think Serena and Venus hit the ball harder while on the run or going backwards-they are physically stronger so they can do that better. As for Monica getting back to top shape or better than she was before the stabbing....Yes, of course, it is possible, but I don't think Monica would want to put that kind of physical and mental work into it anymore. You must remember that when I got into it when I was 26, I had not been at the top for nearly as long as Seles nor ever dominated as much. She has burned a lot more fuel at this stage of her life than me, and let us not forget how much effort it took for her to just get back on the court."


Question for Martina Navratilova:
Who do you think is one of the all time greats in women's tennis and do you think Steffi's record will ever be broken?

Martina Navratilova: "Steffi's Grand Slam collection of singles titles is amazing and will never be broken I am sure. Her career ranks as one of the all time greats and that is all one can wish for."

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I think the part about Monica is pretty fair, but I hope she is wrong.

I thought it was really odd that Steffi was credited with the record for Grand Slam singles titles. I guess once the question was asked, Martina felt no good could come of naming the actual recordholder, whom I believe she played once or twice.
dh - perhaps the question referred to Steffi's record of winning all 4 at least 4 times? It does seem a little strange though.

Czechfan - thanks for the interview! it's always great to hear from Martina. You should come into the Blast from the Past forum & join us in the Navratilova appreciation thread. you know you want to...
Also saki, given Margaret Court's stance on certain issues, I wouldn't be shocked if Martina is a little annoyed with her lately.
Maybe. I'm sure that's part of the reason why her answer to the Steffi question doesn't include a comment like "and Court also has a stunning record", but it is strange that she doesn't correct a stat that she must know to be wrong.
Maybe they were only thinking of the Open Era record for Slam singles titles.
Thanks for the interview!Very interesting!:)
I'm just glad no one asked her about Conchita Martinez. Conchita's down right now, just when Martina would want to kick her the most....... (!)
The interviews itself was pretty good. I didn't know she changed racquet sponsors, or that she's been practicing with Jana. Maybe Jana will come back and play doubles with her! I think they'd be a good team.
Just want to clarify - It wasnt an interview as such, it was random questions sent in by fans to the website which Martina and the other legens answer from time to time...I jsut collated all of Martina's questions....
Thanks for the Martina Q&A. Her insights are very interesting. I think the one about Monica was probably right. I think Monica wants to do well and maybe win another Slam but I thing she knows she's close to burn out.

Also, Martina and most other "modern day" players don't think much of Court's record because 11 of those Slams were won in Australia when nobody went down there. In fact, hardly any former player or commentator mention Court when the question of the "all time best" players is ask.

And, of course, I'm sure Martina is a little annoyed with Court's constant comments about lifestyles.:fiery:
Thanks Czechfan - Martina still as insightful as ever. :D
Thanks for posting these, Phil! Whether you agree with her or not (and I do agree most of the time), Martina's opinions are always worth a read.
I don't think there was any hidden motive in Martina's bit on Steffi's record. I doubt if Navratilova, Evert, or even Pam Shriver can give you stats right off the top of their head-at least based on what I've seen of their commnetary.

The most interesting bit was on Seles. Martina was dead accurate IMO.
It takes a super human effort to reach the heights Navratilova, Graf, Seles, and company put in-and after what happened to her Monica finally had a taste of "real" life. Her priorities changed. Add in her father's early death, and I just don't think she's motivated enough to sacrifice EVERYTHING to get back to the top. And as long as she's happy, that's fine:)
I agree with Rollo, I don't think there was any hidden agenda with Martina mentioning Steffi. She is acknowledging a champion who she has great respect for. I think it was she who said that her dream tennis match would be with Steffi on Centre Court Wimbeldon, playing a macth all by bthemselves with no one around. That is the highest praise you can ask for (or was it Steffi that said that, Irma?)

Anyway, thank you Czechfan for posting this thread. It reiterates what a gracious, and outspoken Champion Martina is.:)
I think it was she who said that her dream tennis match would be with Steffi on Centre Court Wimbeldon, playing a macth all by bthemselves with no one around. That is the highest praise you can ask for (or was it Steffi that said that, Irma?)
Why would either of them say this? They've played each other on Centre Court, Wimbledon several times. Why would they want to play WITHOUT an audience? That quote doesn't make sense to me.:confused:

I'm not trying to start an argument. It just doesn't make sense for a great player who loves the spotlight so much she's still playing at 45, to say that. And it also doesn't sound a bit like something Steffi would say.
I think that the match would be for their own enjoyment, no pressure, no prizemoney, no titles on the line...just purely for the love of playing.....:)
It was Steffi Graf who said that.
And she actually "asked" Martina to play.
It was Wimbledon '91, if my memory serves me well.
But the whole story is surrounded by an aura of myth.
Or maybe a simple "urban" myth.
I'm not irma, but I don't think she'd mind if I fill in for her in regards to our fave...

It was actually Steffi that made that comment and it makes perfect sense to me. Steffi spent much (even most) of her career shunning the spotlight and was really only interested in playing great tennis and that elusive "perfect match". BCP is right on target: she would want to play without the audience just for the sheer joy of playing great tennis, and for her it would be most enjoyable against Martina and at Wimbledon.

BTW, thanks philbo for the Martina quotes!
thanks for the post. I am a huge Martina Navratilova fan and it's nice to see some stuff about her.
SEE!:p ;) j/k, i didn't take it the wrong way.

BTW we would love to see a Chris v Martina Hingis match on clay too!
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